Wedding on a Budget Pt 4: Affordable Wedding Dresses

Wedding on a Budget Pt 4: Affordable Wedding Dresses

For all the brides out there looking for affordable wedding dresses – Good Luck! Of course I’m kidding. There are ways to find cheap(er) wedding dresses if you are willing to change your perception of how much you HAVE to spend on a wedding dress. According to a survey conducted by The Knot, in 2014 brides spent on average $1, 357 on their wedding dress. Most brides need remember that not every wedding dress needs to be purchased like they are on shows like, “Say Yes to the Dress.” There are ways to find affordable wedding dresses with a little searching and some DIY wedding ideas concerning alterations.

Affordable Wedding Dresses

Find cheap wedding dresses online using this guide!

Where you shop has a lot to do with how much you’re paying for a wedding gown. Brides in New York City spend about $2,500 on their wedding dress while brides in less urban settings like Idaho and Alaska spend about $950. Luckily you don’t have to travel thousands of miles to find deals. You can find cheap wedding dresses online. Over 60% of brides surveyed said they shopped around for their wedding dress online, and specifically on their smartphone or mobile device. Be sure to check out overstock or consignment sellers such as

Don’t think that used dresses are an option for you? Before you rule them out look at the benefits. Yes it’s true that someone has worn it before. But it was only worn ONCE! And most brides change into something more comfortable for the reception, leaving their wedding gowns in near perfect condition. You will find a wide range of dress styles: from over the top glamour to very simple wedding dresses at HALF the cost. This could potentially save you thousands!

Keep in mind that all dresses have most likely been altered in some way. Be sure to order according to your largest measurement (bust, waist, or hip) as dresses can always be altered down. Ask LOTS of questions when buying online. If possible Skype or Facetime with the seller to view every possible angle of the wedding dress before buying. If you would like to make a used dress more special and unique to you find someone you know to tailor a few changes in. This could make it look like a completely different gown at a very low cost. Also be sure to check out charitable organizations like Brides Against Breast Cancer. The website Encorebridal sells new and used and donates to cervical cancer for every gown sold. You can buy used and help a great cause at the same time.

And if you know that the big ballroom gown is not your style and are more inclined to modest wedding dresses consider having a beach wedding. Not only will this save you money on the venue, but you can find appropriate beach wedding dresses cheap! Check out sites like and for great inexpensive beach gowns. Good luck and remember – there are affordable wedding dresses out there. You just need to really dig around and keep an open mind about your wedding day!


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