Catalina Coupons 101

Catalina Coupons 101

  • What is a Catalina Coupon?

Any coupon that is printed a the cash register when you complete a purchase is referred to as a Catalina Coupon.  They may also be called Catalinas, check-out coupons, register rewards, or a Catalina express coupon.  The name comes about because the coupons are printed by a Catalina machine that is next to the cash register.  This is why there is no Catalina flyer coupon or Catalina circular.  This couponing method was adopted early on by the Catalina Marketing Corporation, hence the name Catalina Coupons.  Not all check-out coupons are from Catalina machines, but the name has become a generic term for coupons printed at checkout.  The Catalina coupon network consists of over 50,000 stores.  Most notable are the Safeway, Walgreens, and Kroger Catalina.

  • What Types of Catalina Coupons are there?

One type of Catalina Coupon is the cents-off coupon.  This is the most common.  This gives you money off of a specific product.  For example you will get a coupon for $.99 off any Kelloggs brand cereal.

Another type is an OYNO, or on-your-next-order.  This gives you money off of your next purchase, regardless of the brands in your cart.

  • How do I use Catalina coupons?

Catalina coupons are printed off at the time of purchase and can be used towards your next purchase at that same retailer.  Usually, Catalina coupons cannot be combined with other manufacturers coupons.

With the cents-off coupon, it is best to see when a brand goes on sale in-store and combine your coupon with it for greater savings.  Remember, cents-off coupons are brand-specific so be sure the item on sale matches the brand on your coupon.

Catalina CouponsOYNO coupons target what you buy and the value of the coupon varies on quantity.  For example, if you buy 1 Heinz ketchup you get a $1.00 off coupon, purchase 2 you get $1.50 off coupon, 3, you get $2.00 off coupon, and so on.  The trick is to buy these quantities with the manufacturers coupons and roll your ONYO coupon savings onto another item or items (Be sure to check, most stores allow rolling but usually not at Walgreens).

Here is a list of some coupons at participating stores:


Abound Dry Cat or Dog Food – Buy 1 get a $2 Catalina.  Ends 2/25/15.

California Pizza Kitchen Oven Ready Pizzas, 10.7 oz or larger – Buy 2 get $1 Catalina, Buy 3 get $2 Catalina, Buy 4 or more get $3                                                                                                                        Catalina.  Ends 2/22/15.

Halls, 25 ct or larger – Buy 3 get $1 Catalina.  Ends 2/18/15


Heinz Homestyle Gravy, 12 oz. – Buy 2 get $.75 Catalina, Buy 3 or more get $1.50 Catalina.

L’Oreal Paris Superior Preference Haircolor – Buy 1 get $1 Catalina, Buy 2 get $3 Catalina, Buy 3 or more get a $5 Catalina.                                                                                                      Ends 2/22/15.

MorningStar Farms Veggie Food Products – Buy 3 get a $2 Catalina, Buy 4 get aa $3 Catalina, Buy 5 get a $4 Catalina.                                                                                                            Ends 2/22/15.

Be sure to check out your local store every month to see the latest Catalina coupons.  Other participating stores include  Harris Teeter, Food Lion, Giant, Stop & Shop, and Safeway.

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