Celebrate National Bagel Day this weekend with FREEBIES!

Celebrate National Bagel Day this weekend with FREEBIES!

According to the National Bagel Day website, “two of the most well-known varieties of bagels are the Montreal and New York styles. The Montreal style has malt and sugar and no salt…The New York style has salt and malt and is boiled in water before being baked in a standard oven. The New York bagel is puffier and has a smaller hole than its Montreal counterpart.”

And this weekend we all get to celebrate our favorite doughy breakfast treat, the bagel, on National Bagel Day.

Across the country many bagel restaurants will be offering freebies to celebrate National Bagel Day, officially on Feb. 9, and you don’t want to miss these deals.


  • Brooklyn Water Bagels: Brooklyn Water Bagels is celebrating National Bagel Day by giving away three FREE bagels with any purchase at participating restaurant locations on Sunday, February 9th! These complimentary bagels are perfect for sharing with friends and family, or simply keep them as a special treat for yourself. Come honor our favorite holiday by enjoying freshly baked bagels for free!
  • Panera Bread: Get a free bagel Friday through Sunday with purchase of any coffee or hot drink at participating restaurants. No coupon required.

Bagel tip of the day (www.nationalbagelday.com):

Never slice a bagel while you are holding it in your hand. Hold the bagel down on a flat, stable surface such as a counter or cutting board, rather than a plate or a platter – with the open palm of your hand. Carefully slice the bagel horizontally using a serrated knife. If that’s too difficult or awkward consider investing in a bagel slicer.


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