Wedding on a Budget Pt 5: Cheap Wedding Cakes

Wedding on a Budget Pt 5: Cheap Wedding Cakes

According to the Real Weddings Study conducted by the Knot, the average Wedding cake cost in 2014 was $555. This may not seem like a lot considering that the average cost of weddings overall in 2014 was $31,213, but as anyone who is planning a wedding on a budget knows, every penny counts! The wedding cake can be the exclamation point on the entire event – a way for the bride and groom to put the “icing on the cake,” if you will! No couple wants to cheap out on the wedding cake. So whats a frugal bride and groom to do? Here are some tips and ideas for cheap wedding cakes.

Cheap Wedding Cakes

Don’t despair with your wedding cake cost. Use our guide to find a cheaper alternative!

Think about going with a bakery or even a retail store instead of a specialty cake designer as an easy option for affordable wedding cakes. There are some really small-time bakeries out there that do great work. They just don’t pay for advertising. For instance, Carrie Made the Cake in Houston bakes great custom cakes at really fair prices (so check her shop out if you’re looking for affordable wedding cakes Houston!). And there is also nothing wrong with Walmart wedding cakes as long as they taste good! But one thing you DON’T want to do is a DIY wedding cake. There are too many things that can go wrong – leave this one to a professional!

One way to make your cheap wedding cakes look, well, less cheap, are with creative cheap wedding cake toppers and cheap wedding cake stands. Two places you can find wedding cake toppers cheap are the grocery store and your local craft shop. Encircling your cake with nice ribbon only takes seconds and your options are really quite extensive. There are many ribbon designs to choose from. Fake (or real) flowers work well too. Fruit can be incorporated as another cheap wedding cake topper. Fresh cut berries can take your wedding cake to another level!

Be creative when looking for cheap cake toppers for weddings – not everything needs to be traditional. Even a great photo could work. Or if you want to share a laugh with your guests maybe pick some less flattering pictures. One wedding I attended had elementary school pictures of the bride and groom. These weren’t exactly the most flattering photos but they made for great conversation! Who would have thought that a little playful humility on the part of the bride and groom can make for cheap funny wedding cake toppers!

To go along with the cheap wedding cakes and toppers, when thinking about how to get wedding cake stands cheap try to think frugally. Dessert trays and cake stands can be found at many thrift stores. They may just need a little doctoring up. Surrounding  basic stands with flowers or handkerchiefs can really take the ordinary and make it look exceptional.

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