DIY baking saves $$

The smell of fresh bread baking in your own kitchen may be something that is a distant memory but if you take the time to bake your own bread you could save a lot of money! I pulled together a few stats on homemade bread and savings from, and encourage you to try your hand at baking. (It’s healthier, too).

  • The average cost of whole wheat bread in the U.S. is $2.00, but many healthier versions (long fermented sourdough, sprouted grain bread, etc.) can be $3-5 dollar a loaf. The gluten-free versions we find (and feel use acceptable ingredients) run from $5-7 dollars a loaf (or more).
  • The average loaf of bread uses one pound of flour.
  • The average person eats just under 80 loafs of bread a year. That means you can save between $80 to $320 dollars a year per person! For a family of four that would equal a savings of $320 to $1,280 per year!

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