Don’t pay full price for magazine subscriptions

Don’t pay full price for magazine subscriptions

Don’t pay full price for magazine subscriptions, whether hard copies or digital versions. There are plenty of places to go online for deals (and I will list those below) but there also are other ways to save.

Did you ever notice that new subscriptions are usually cheaper than renewals? When your magazines come up for renewal just call the publisher and mention a deal you’ve seen and they will typically give you that price. Also, you can save by subscribing for multiple years. Right now Woman’s Day has a 2 year subscription special that you would save 78% off retail price! If you subscribe for 2 years, then you will get Good Housekeeping for just $5 for a year. I would have to say that is a steal.

Keep  these ideas in mind when you go to subscribe or renew your magazines this year.

Discount or FREE Magazine sites online:

Some of these sites, like Mercury Magazines and Recycle Bank require you to register and answer a couple of questions, but who cares if you get FREE magazines delivered straight to your door. Pampers also has a program called Gifts to Grow that can score you new magazine subscriptions, you enter codes from your Pampers wipes or diapers and earn points on magazines, photo printing and plenty of other things mom’s like. Let me get you started with a FREE coupon code from Pampers (you get 100 points upon registration, as well); use code JOINNOW4REWARDS for 50 free points.

Happy reading!

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