Tips for Entertaining on a Budget

Many people enjoy hosting parties, barbeques, and other fun events for family members and friends during the summer. Although these events are fun, entertaining guests can get very expensive. Today, we are bringing you a list of tips to keep the costs of those summer gatherings down! Isn’t the most important part that everyone has a good time and enjoys being together? We think so!

  • Go vegetarian! You can save a good bit of money by swapping your meat for beans and other sources of protein. There are tons of delicious recipes that use use chickpeas, black beans, pinto beans, tofu, or even quinoa in place of meat. They are tasty and less expensive alternatives!
  • Host a potluck and let every guest bring a dish. You will have a variety of food and it will not strain your wallet!
  • Host an hors d’oeuvres party. You can provide various little hors d’oeuvres instead of a full meal. Your guests can sample a variety of items and you will save money (and possibly time!)
  • Plan out your menu in advance and know what ingredients you will need. That way, when the items you need go on sale you can grab them up! You can also keep an eye on coupons that will help you save money on the items your recipes require.
  • Make one drink. The cost of having many drink option adds up quickly. Stick with one alcoholic beverage choice for your guests or tell them your gathering is BYOB. You could say that you will provide the food and they can provide the drinks! That way, everyone contributes something!
  • Don’t spend a fortune on decorations. Your family and friends are there to see you, not stare at decorations. You can use what you have around your home, or you can look around your yard. Do you have a bunch of peonies or hydrangea growing in your yard? Use the flowers to decorate. Have some plain decorations from a party? Spruce them up or re-purpose them for your upcoming gathering!
  • Host an inexpensive themed event. Book swap? Everyone brings an old book to swap with another person. Serve some inexpensive snacks and you’ve got yourself a party! You can choose any theme (such as a decades night) and combine it with the potluck idea to create a fun, unique, inexpensive celebration!
  • Use facebook, text messages, or phone calls to invite guests to an informal gathering. Save the money on stamps and invitations and use it on the food!

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