Get FREE Printable Grandparents Day Cards for this Sunday

Get FREE Printable Grandparents Day Cards for this Sunday

Sunday, September 13 is Grandparents Day. This special day was created back in 1978 to celebrate grandparents. The initial purpose of Grandparents Day was to educate people about the importance of older adults and the contributions they have made to our country and to society. The day was also created to celebrate the special role that grandparents play in our lives. Today, we are bringing you a list of FREE printable Grandparents Day cards. These are great Happy Grandparents Day cards!

Printable Grandparents Day cards

BlueMountain.comfree printable grandparents day cards has 6 FREE printable Grandparents Day cards to choose from! You can customize them, print them out, and send them to your grandparents! has some sweet, Grandparents Day cards printable. They have some cards that would be suitable from a child, or from an older grandchild. Some cards are cute and some are funny. They have 2 pages of cards to choose from. has a variety of activities and cards for Grandparents Day. They have some printable coloring pages that could be used as grandparents day gifts! They also have Grandparents Day puzzles and word searches, as well as printable badges. They also have a special Grandparents Day poem.

ActivityVillage has some fun Grandparents Day writing prompts, acrostic poem printables, bookmarks, and cards all for Grandparents Day! These are perfect for use in the classroom or at home.

Electronic Grandparents Day cards

You can find FREE electronic Grandparents Day cards on They have 5 different Grandparents Day cards you can choose from. You can customize your message and make it special! has some nice, electronic Grandparents Day cards to choose from. They even have a few animated e-cards. has one free electronic Grandparents Day card at the bottom of their webpage. They have other Grandparents Day cards, but you have to pay to send those.


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