Free Sample Boxes: Sites That Offer More

Free Sample Boxes: Sites That Offer More

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Whether you’re an expectant parent looking for samples for your baby or you love trying out health and beauty products, several sites offer free sample boxes. Learn more about which sites offer some of the best sample boxes right now.

Who doesn’t love samples? Free samples are a great way to try out a product without committing to buying a full-size product. Another bonus to getting free samples from some of your favorite companies is that it’s something to look forward to and a fun surprise in your mailbox.

Even though there are hundreds of opportunities for receiving free sample boxes, it can be difficult and a little overwhelming to find which ones to request. Here are some of the most popular sites that will send you a box of high-quality samples.

Before we share some of the sites that offer free sample boxes, it’s important to note that some companies require a small fee for shipping and handling. Depending on the company you select to receive a sample box from, keep in mind that you might continue to receive mail or that they may contact you in the future.

Always take the time to learn the terms and conditions before requesting free sample boxes.

Health & Beauty Free Sample Boxes

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Sample boxes that contain health and beauty products are some of the most in-demand sample boxes on the market. Whether you’re interested in makeup or healthy snacks, check out these sites.

The Honest Co.

You may be familiar with The Honest Company for their diapers, but they also sell a variety of natural personal care products. When you sign up to receive the Honest Discovery Kit free trial, you receive trial-size items of hand soap, shampoo, body wash, all-purpose balm, lotion, and a multi-surface cleaner.

If you’re an expectant or new parent, you might be looking for free diapers; The Honest Co. will also send you free samples of diapers and other baby-related items.

Target and Walmart Beauty Boxes

These popular big box stores offer beauty boxes full of health and beauty samples, from shampoo and lotion to makeup and toothpaste. While these beauty boxes are full of free samples, you do need to pay for shipping and handling (prices vary depending on where you get the box).

If you’re expecting or a parent of an infant, both stores offer baby boxes. One unique feature about Walmart’s baby box is that you can customize what’s in the box by the age of the child: prenatal, infant, or toddler. You can typically pick up a free baby box at Target when you create a baby gift registry, but it’s best to visit both store sites for complete information.

Scent Trunk

Free, high-quality perfume samples can be hard to find unless you browse the beauty counters of department stores. For $8 (which covers shipping and handling), you get a scent palette from Scent Trunk with six difference fragrances. This Fit Kit is a great way to “customize” a scent and find the perfect one, especially if you’re looking for a new signature scent.

After you take the Scent Test, and decide to get more, you tell the lab which ingredients you don’t like and then you can join for $16 a month.


Shaving clubs are popular, but even though most have reasonable pricing, it can be difficult to know how good the razors are; the free shaving kit from Harry’s is a great sample for testing out a razor.

When you sign up for the free trial at Harry’s, you receive their top-selling Truman razor with a blade (which is good for about two weeks), foaming shave gel, and a blade cover for traveling.

Dollar Shave is another place to check out any available free boxes of samples.

NatureBox and Graze

Snacking doesn’t need to be unhealthy and if you are looking for companies that send free samples to try, NatureBox and Graze both offer a free sample box of their healthy snacks. While you need to cover the cost of shipping ($1 to $5), you get a nice selection.

If you decide not to sign up for monthly subscriptions, make sure to pay attention to the timeline in regards to canceling.


Want to try out a sample of safe and non-toxic laundry soap that will clean more than just one load of laundry? If you contact MyGreenFills, you can get a sample of some of their products (which is enough for about 50 loads of laundry). Like many other sample sites, you’ll need to make sure that you cancel if you’re not interested in receiving more soap.

Free Kid Book Boxes

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It’s never too early to start building your child’s library and getting free books in the mail is a great way to put a few on your shelf.

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library sends out a free book every month until your child is five, so if you start early and get books for the full five years, you receive books that value a total of $180. There are other companies, like Early Moments, that send you free hardcover books, such as Dr. Seuss classics.

There are similar boxes for adults, such as Book of the Month, just make sure you know the terms before you sign up for the free book.

Diaper or Formula Boxes

Diaper and formula are some of the most expensive and frequent purchases for parents. Most major diaper and formula companies (The Honest Co. is one, as we already mentioned), will send you sample-sized boxes of diapers, wipes, formula, valuable coupons, and other baby-related products.

Simply contact the company you are interested in and see what sort of samples they offer to new parents; if they don’t have free samples, they are likely to send you a lot of high-value coupons that can get you quite a bit of free baby gear.

A Little Bit of Everything

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If you love getting boxes of samples in the mail, you might not care what you get; these next boxes are for you.


If you want to get samples throughout the year, sign up at SampleSource and you’ll receive a box of samples for free about four times a year. Most boxes have between 6 and 12 samples and the products range from snacks to cleaning products.


PINCHme is one of the free sample programs that will send you a box of free samples each month that are customized to your needs, wants, and likes. All you need to do is create a profile and ask questions about your preferences and other information that can help you receive customized samples.

If you complete feedback on the samples, you’re more likely to receive bonus samples and high-value coupons.


If you like using social media and don’t mind sharing product information or reviews, Smiley360 is a site worth checking out for free samples. Like PINCHme, you create a profile that helps you receive customized samples and then you receive a box of free samples.

You can also receive free full-sized products if you’re willing to complete a “mission” (which you share on social media).

The more surveys and missions you complete, the more samples and full-size products you receive.


BzzAgent is similar to Smiley360 because you fill out surveys, complete several tasks that often include sharing on social media, and you continue to receive samples. The whole idea behind BzzAgent is that you’re spreading the “bzz” about products.


When you sign up with Swaggable, you can get free samples from over 500 brands and a variety of products and categories; like other sites, just tell them what you’re interested in.

Once Swaggable finds samples that they think you will like, they will send you an email, and you can “accept.” Once samples are sent to you, you will be asked to write a review, and if you take the time to write a good review, you’re likely to get even more samples in the future.

P&G Everyday

When you sign up to receive free boxes of Procter & Gamble samples, you can get free stuff (and high-value coupons) from a variety of brands like Pampers, Swiffer, Always, Crest, and more.

All you need to do is sign up and receive an email newsletter.

Ripple Street

Ripple Street will send you a free box of products, but the catch is to host a party and share them with family and friends; you still get to try out the samples yourself.

Sign up, select the brands you want to try out, share them with family and friends once you receive the samples and then post reviews or share your opinion.

Final Thoughts on Sample Boxes

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There are dozens of sample boxes available, and one of the best things you can do is contact a company directly to see if they offer any free samples. Since most companies are always interested in gaining more loyal customers, they might be more than happy to send you boxes of free sample-size product.

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