Sign Up for A Free Subscription to Vegetarian Times Magazine

Sign Up for A Free Subscription to Vegetarian Times Magazine

If you are a vegetarian, this offer might be of interest to you. Right now, you can sign up for a FREE one year magazine subscription to Vegetarian Times magazine. When you sign up, you will receive 9 FREE issues of Vegetarian Times. Your FREE magazine subscription will begin in October 2015, and you will receive issues of the Vegetarian Times via your email account. You can sign up for a FREE digital magazine subscription thanks to JudysHealthySnacks covered the cost of the subscription so people like you can sign up for FREE! The offer expires on September 11, so be sure to take advantage of it before its too late.

Vegetarian Times MagazineSo, if you have never read the Vegetarian Times magazine, you might be wondering what the magazine is all about. A one year subscription includes nine issues of Vegetarian Times Magazine each year. This magazine is chock-full of delicious vegetarian recipes that you can easily make at home.The recipes range from a casual vegetarian lunch to a nice vegetarian entree. Some of the featured recipes are low calorie. The magazine often takes traditional American recipes and converts them into yummy vegetarian versions. Vegetarian Times magazine also features ethnic vegetarian recipes. There is a special column in the magazine just for vegans.

In addition to tasty recipes, you will also find tips for healthy living and wellness. Balanced nutrition is important for vegetarians, and this magazine features info on maintaining proper vegetarian nutrition. The magazine also provides great cooking tips and advice on green living. Occasionally, the Vegetarian Times includes special features on Eco-friendly beauty and personal care products, interviews, and a question and answer column with a physician. The magazine also includes special features on vegetarian and vegan restaurants around the country.

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