Save Money with a Frugal Fabulous Fourth of July Party

Save Money with a Frugal Fabulous Fourth of July Party

It’s so exciting to have the Fourth of July on a Friday this week. That makes for a great long weekend packed with fun. Are you planning a party on Friday? If so, here are some great frugal ways to save money while throwing a frugal fabulous Fourth of July party.

Many Fourth of July themed decorations can easily be picked up at one of my favorite stores, the Dollar Tree! From $1 balloons to $1 table cloths, they have it all! The Dollar Tree even carries plates, cups and cutlery; you can pick up just about anything you may need for a party.

Make sure to plan out your menu in advance. Know what your guests like. This is a great week to combine coupons and in-store deals! Every kind of picnic supply will be on sale this week at your local grocery store. So, stock up on these great deals.

And, don’t be shy. Let your guests bring side items, dessert, ice and drinks! That will cut down on your cost dramatically. Your friends and family often times wish to chip in and contribute to the special occasion. Why not let them? Ask that everyone bring something along with a patriotic theme! Maybe even encourage your guests to wear red, white and blue for the occasion.

A suggestion from suggests that you save money on the Fourth of July by, “[Skipping] the individual juice boxes and soda cans by buying large-sized containers. Two-liter bottles of soda and gallon bottles of juice are more cost effective.  For further savings, utilize a 10-gallon beverage cooler, like the Coleman 10-gallon cooler. The Coleman includes an instant on/off faucet.  Fill the cooler with ice cold lemonade or iced tea.”

Instead of spending a ton of cash on fireworks, why not find a park in an area that hosts a fireworks show? It’s highly likely that there will be a fireworks display in your area. Everyone can enjoy the barbecue. Afterwards, just pack up and head over to the fireworks show. Have your blankets ready and prepare for some fun. You can pick up extra sparklers for pretty cheap so the children feel like they are involved. Your local dollar store may have these in stock for you.


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