Fun Outdoor Winter Activities to Occupy Your Family

Fun Outdoor Winter Activities to Occupy Your Family

Winter Activities

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February is here, and winter is still upon on. The good news is, Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow, so he’s predicting an early spring. We sure hope he is right! In the meantime, we might as well make the most out  of the cold (and sometimes snowy!) winter weather. Although not everyone enjoys being out in the cold, there are numerous outdoor winter activities that are lots of fun. So much fun, that you might forget you are participating in outdoor winter activities! Okay, maybe not but you never know. Today, we have gathered a list of outside activities for kids and adults. These fun ideas for kids will keep them engaged all while giving them a chance to get some fresh air! Be sure to check out our other post here for for fun indoor winter activities.

Have a treasure hunt or scavenger- Challenge your kids to look for a variety of objects commonly found in the winter. Perhaps your kids have to spot an icicle, a pine cone, and some broken tree branches. Or maybe you could challenge your children to gather a variety of outdoor winter-related items. Either game is sure to be fun for curious children who like a fun challenge!

Go sledding- Obviously, this activity requires that you have some snow on the ground. You can use a saucer, a sled, or whatever you have that could (safely!) double as a sled. Sledding is such a fun activity for kids on a snow day.

Create a winter bonfire and have s’mores- If you have a fire pit in your backyard, dig it out and have a winter campfire! Just be sure to bundle up first. Warm up by the outdoor fire and dig into some delicious s’mores. Campfires don’t have to be just for the summer!

Have a winter photo challenge- This is a great winter activity for kids who enjoy photography. Give each child a disposable or digital camera and encourage them to take winter photos. Perhaps you could take a family walk and your children can take photographs as they walk and explore.

Host an outdoor picnic- This might be best saved for slightly warmer winter days, but you could make it work whenever it suits. Bundle up and pack a nice, warm outdoor picnic lunch. Think soups, warm sandwiches, hot chocolate and coffee.

Create an icy snowman- Create a nontraditional snowman/snow-woman out of ice! Fill balloons with water and allow them to freeze overnight. The balloons should be small, medium, and large. Once the water has frozen, cut or tear a hole into the balloon and peel it off the ice. Then, use salt to help the balls of ice adhere together to make a ice person. Your kids can dress the ice creation clothing, and can use food coloring to paint eyes, a mouth, and a nose onto the ice person.

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