Any time of year holds the potential to be a great time for a wedding. This is especially true if you are planning a wedding right now. I have some Great Frugally Fabulous Wedding Ideas I would love to share with you!

The Knot should probably be the first stop for any bride-to-be. The Knot wedding shop supplies shoppers with a plethora of resources on sale for great prices. I definitely recommend checking out their store when you need to buy bulk supplies for the wedding at reasonable prices.

Great Frugally Fabulous Wedding IdeasMake sure when you start thinking of ways to save money. Choose parts and pieces of the wedding that won’t make the wedding or break your wallet. For example, if you had always dreamed of a certain wedding gown, splurge on it a little bit. It’s your day after all! But, then you can cut costs on flowers or wedding venue location.

Think about the time of year you want to plan a wedding. Sometimes you can get deals on the location of your dream by choosing to get married on a Friday night or Sunday afternoon. Sometimes you can even get special rates for a holiday. A friend of mine chose July 4th because she booked the venue at a great rate that day. Also, less traditional locations can also save you big bucks.

Whether you use a florist or do your own flowers, using flowers that are in season will save you a lot of money. Having rare orchids shipped in costs a fortune, both for the flowers and for the shipping. Seasonal flowers that can be grown locally generally come at a much better deal. To cut costs on flowers you could try and arrange them yourself. Or, why not have a friend do it? Of course, people post thousands of flower arrangement ideas on Pinterest. Or, you could even pick wildflowers for yourself and your bridesmaids. Then, skip the flowers for the groomsmen.

Have you considered making your own Save the Date cards and wedding invitations. I actually made both for my wedding using invitation kits I purchased at Target. The kits cost about $20. They looked really professional too. If you have a few friends who can help you out here, this can turn into a fun activity for a weekend get together.

Also, consider cutting the guest list down. This will save your budget for food, the wedding cake, cocktails and drinks, rental equipment like chairs and linens, wedding favors; nearly every part of the wedding planning will drop in price with a lower guest list.

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