Your Guide to Frugal Lawn Care This Spring

Your Guide to Frugal Lawn Care This Spring

Most of the country is finally thawing out from the relentless winter that we experienced. Now, it’s time to prepare your lawn for spring and summer fun! I don’t know about you but I love spring! Everything is green and in bloom. Just being outside with the family is amazing. Each year, I always have big plans for the garden. Then I check the bank account, and start wondering how I could accomplish frugal lawn care for a beautiful lawn and garden.

To maintain a beautiful lawn, it does take a slight amount of work and care. But, it can be done relatively inexpensively. From my own knowledge and a little bit of what I’ve gathered from around the web, I want to share my lawn care techniques with you. For about a year, I had the chance to work with a popular landscape designer in Northeast Florida, and I learned a few things along the way.

First, you will want to cut the lawn for prep but remember to set the mower to the highest setting. If you need to do more than one cutting that is OK. Just mow a few days apart.

Next we apply the fertilizer, which can get expensive. Do you ever go to stores like Big Lots, or do you have an independent wholesaler in your area? You probably do even if you don’t know it! In my city we have one of these wholesalers that sells everything from fertilizer to re-purposed doors; I always pick up fertilizer and outdoor chemicals from him. You’ll save some serious cash buying scratch and dent type products. Talk about frugal lawn care!

Make sure to apply the fertilizer exactly as the bag instructs. If you don’t use enough fertilizer, you really are wasting your time. If you use too much, you could damage your lawn and plants. Consult a garden center or store nearby to find the right mix for your grass and zone.

Do you have damaged areas in your lawn? You will need to “Roughen soil and apply seed to damaged areas and apply a fertilizer designated as ‘starter’ or ‘seed starter’ to these areas,” according to Popular Mechanics.

And then there is the question about watering, which you will need to think about when purchasing your grass seed. Make sure you purchase appropriate seed for a low light or direct sun locations of your yard. If you do need to water, Popular Mechanics says that a typical lawn requires about an inch of water a week.

Well, that’s that. Do you have any lawn care techniques you would like to share? If so, then comment on this post. Better yet, don’t forget to like us on Facebook. The frugal living discussions can continue there as well!

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