I absolutely LOVE this song and watching Ginny Owens play the piano and sing this one is such an inspiration! The very words of this song being so beautifully spoken, as she uses her God given talent as a Blind Woman is enough to really make us think about our own complaints and how we handle the “valleys” that we walk through in this life.

Very simply, the lyrics state ” I will walk through the valleys, if you want me to”. Those few words have a profound effect on me! If we just stop and think…what is it that we are going through in our life that God cannot use for our good? The bible tells us that ALL things work for the good of those that Love Him. No matter what circumstance or situation you are going through, it Is a part of His plan. Why worry and stress ourselves with emotional torment? If we can just grasp that we are exactly where He planned for us to be at this very moment. God will use even wrongdoings done against us for His glory! (Remember that Joseph was thrown into the well by his own brothers!)

I hope you’ll listen to the words of this song and think about those lyrics! I serve an awesome God who has pulled me from the pits of this life and blessed me beyond measure in many ways. Is there any circumstance or situation that I will NOT walk through..if He asks me to? No, I know in my heart that each and every person/place and/or thing in my life has a purpose and just as I didn’t know it way back when, I may not know it now. So I humble myself…YES, I will walk through the valleys…if He wants me to.

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