28 Items – Retail Cost $83.95 (before tax) – Sale Price $ $55.07 – Final Cost = $44.07

Without naming any names *cough, cough* I have some family members that just do not want to take the time to learn to coupon, nor to clip, print and organize coupons. This morning I set off on a couple store trips to shop FOR THEM and show them How to Save on Groceries WITHOUT Coupons.

Yes…WITHOUT Coupons. If you’re not going to use coupons, you can still save HUGELY by applying a couponers principles to your spending habits.

Principle #1 : NEVER pay full price – ALL items will go on sale, wait for the sale.

Principle #2 : Aim for BOGO Sales – Buy One Get One Free Sales means paying 1/2 Price for items

Principle #3 : STOCK UP when you find your rock bottom sale price – purchase at least enough to last you until the next sale cycle.

Principle #4 : Drug Stores are your best friend (Use +UP Dollars, ECB’s and RR’s to your advantage to increase your discounts & shop for Free HERE )

Here’s the breakdown of the grocery shopping I did for a family member this morning at Rite Aid – to show them how to save on groceries WITHOUT COUPONS: (The items selected were based on HER needs, and there were many qualifying items to choose from, so ANYONE could do this deal)

28 Items – Retail Cost $83.95 (before tax) – Sale Price $ $55.07 – Final Cost = $44.07

That’s right at a 50% Savings – WITHOUT COUPONS !!


Simply Check the food/grocery sale items at the drug stores each week. Find the items that ALSO have a bonus +UP, RR or ECB offer.

In this case, this week at Rite Aid, you get a $10 +UP back when you spend $30 on select grocery items.

My family member selected items they needed from those in the bonus +UP offer that were also a good sale price.

We did the qualifying transaction and then did another transaction for everything else she needed (Cat food, water, soda, etc.) using that $10.

It’s really that simple!

Now OBVIOUSLY – us couponers will combine that $30 with coupons to spend even less out of pocket and still get the $10 back. BUT – we know there are many that just don’t want to take the time to plan trips, clip or print.

So….for those of you “Non” Couponers – YES, you can still save up to 50% on your groceries each and every week!

By the way – my family member was a bit dumb founded seeing that all the items in the second transaction were FREE (and AGAIN – NO COUPONS!) 😀

Why spend money that you don’t have to? The drug stores offer up FREE Money to shop with each and every week!

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