WOOHOO!! I got my “Big Fat Check” from Ebates in the mail today! I love getting checks in the mail, especially for doing things I would already do anyways, like buying something online! This check was only $41.50, because I used their coupon codes and scored such awesome deals on my purchases! During my heavy online purchase seasons (Christmas, etc.) I REALLY Love getting my checks!

It’s an absolute NO BRAINER to use Ebates if you EVER buy ANYTHING online ! Not only do you get a full list of current Coupon Codes to use and save even more on your purchase, but you get CASH BACK ! That adds up to extra savings and a BIG FAT CHECK in the mail !

Not using Ebates yet? Most of you that know me by now, know that I absolutely Never pay retail for anything! There is always another store with a better sale, etc. and it pays to shop around.

This includes online shopping…even for some of my most frugal price comparisons online!! I will never again make an online purchase without getting CASH BACK for it! Yes, that’s right…it’s like a REBATE for everything you buy online, even from stores like WALMART, TARGET & even GROUPON! If you haven’t heard of this before or signed up and just aren’t doing it…you are literally giving your money away! If you EVER buy ANYTHING online, you definately need to check it out and see all the savings you’ve been missing!

Ebates also keeps a running list of COUPON CODES for every website – so it’s an all-in-one savings stop for your online purchases! No need to hunt down Coupon Codes anymore, just head to Ebates to make your purchase every time and once you’re on that stores page, you’ll see all the current sales & Coupon Codes !

SIGNUP WITH EBATES HERE and take advantage of the $5 Signup Bonus or $10 GIFT CARD and start getting CASH BACK on all your online purchases!

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