On this day of honoring Fathers, I thought I was experiencing “writers block” or something…I had no idea what I was going to write and did not want to do the standard “Happy Father’s Day” post. As always, when I write my Sunday Sentiments posts, the inspiration for this one came to me straight from God and from deep within my own heart. I hope you will watch and listen to the video above and continue to read below.

In the world we live in today, “Fatherless” daughters are becoming all too common and almost accepted as a norm. I can jump on board and agree that Moms CAN do it all by themselves and advocate for single mothers just as good or better (having been one) as the next. But, there is what I will call an “epidemic” growing among these Fatherless daughters that the greatest mother in the world cannot cure.

Daughters (& most women) need the love of a male father figure in their life. When that is not there, subconsciously we will seek out any and everything as a replacement for that attention, adoration and feeling of “love”. I believe in my heart that this is the reason the number of teenage moms is whirlwinding and become commonplace. This is the reason many find themselves in situations that are unspeakable, by trying to fill that “hole”, and not even understanding why they are doing it.

For Fathers everywhere, you have no idea the impact your relationship with your daughter will have on her for the entirety of her life. Everything she does will be efffected by it, including the type of boy/man she chooses to be with and how she allows herself to be treated by them. Her entire self worth hangs on that first male relationship – with her Father.

For all the women out there, for myself and for my own daughter, there is still hope. We have a someone that has been waiting on us with open arms, ready to adore us and pour out his unconditional love to us…we just need to open our eyes! No man on this earth will EVER be perfect, will EVER treat us the way we deserve to be treated nor will any man on this earth ever understand and love us the way that this one does! Our Father in heaven has been waiting on us…He was there watching as we sought out to fill that hole in so many other ways…He cried when we cried and has been waiting on us all along. I pray that for myself and for whomever reads this, that your heart be filled with the revelation of your Ultimate Father & The Lover of your Soul!

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