New Coupons and Rebates for January

New Coupons and Rebates for January

There are some great new coupons and rebates out there that I thought would be nice to share today! Let’s take a look at the new coupons and rebates for January. is featuring some truly wonderful coupon deals through their Offers of the Week program. For instance, you can pick up a $1 off coupon for any Metamucil product and up to $21 off any P&G products.

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New Coupons and RebatesAs far as rebates are concerned, did you know that some big box sellers have rebates listed directly on their website? These rebates are something to consider before purchasing large items such as appliances for the kitchen or items for your bathroom. Lowe’s has an entire portion of their website dedicated to searchable rebates with the forms online. The forms are printable right from their website. What a great resource for shoppers who are ready to save some big bucks!

Shopping and savings guru Clark Howard says that rebates are great if you keep a few things in mind. Rebates only serve as a good deal if the item is on sale before the rebate. Howard says that at that point, “the rebate is just like the icing on the cake.” So, do a little homework before shopping. Make sure you check online through a Google search for available rebates on a certain item you’re interested in.

Lowe’s rebates:

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