STOP!! Do Not Spend Another Cent On Your Garden This Summer Until You Learn These Frugal Secrets!

STOP!! Do Not Spend Another Cent On Your Garden This Summer Until You Learn These Frugal Secrets!

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Summer is in full swing, but any time is a good time to learn more about ways to save money in your garden. Any gardener knows that gardening can be a costly hobby. However, there are plenty of ways to keep costs down. Today, we are giving you some tips and suggestions for ways you can save money in your garden.

Collaborate with your neighbors- Talk to your neighbors about gardening questions and perhaps even form your own neighborhood co-op! If you don’t have space to grow everything you would like to grow, you could work with your neighbors to formulate a plan. Certain neighbors could grow tomatoes and lettuce, others could grow cucumbers and squash, and so forth. When everything gets harvested, neighbors can share what they have grown. This keeps costs down for everyone, and it also further develops a sense of community! A win-win situation for all!

Start from seeds- If you purchase established plants from your local plant nursery, you are going to pay more. If you start from seeds you are going to pay a lot less. Seed packets can be purchased for $1.00 or less at your local Dollar Tree. These seed packets need to be started indoors and transplanted outside once they have begun to grow. This takes a bit more time and effort than simply planting a plant in the ground, but it will save you some money.

Plant only what you will eat- This sounds like common sense, but it is something to think seriously about. Some new gardeners get overzealous and want to plant every fruit and veggie possible. You can easily spend a small fortune on plants only to find out that you can’t or won’t eat what you planted! Obviously, you could give your excess produce away. However, it is a better idea to only plant what you know you will be able to eat.

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