Saving money on fresh produce can be easy

Saving money on fresh produce can be easy

Let’s face it, we would all love to buy all organic fruits and vegetables for our families but it can get pricey. Saving money on fresh produce can be easy but you have to work a little to take advantage of the savings.

At each meal the recommendation from is that half of our plates should be fruits or vegetables, so let’s talk a little about how to accomplish this recommendation.

1. First make sure to always buy seasonal produce. That way you get the best deals and have an array of produce throughout the year.

2. Plant a garden! It’s a great time of year to start planning how you could grow your own veggies!

3. Shop Farmer’s Markets! At Farmer’s Markets you will get the absolute best produce and the grower will likely be onsite with great tips on how to prepare your fresh produce.

4. Watch for the best fruit and vegetable sales throughout the year, make a grocery list and stick by it! You will get the most for your money by being prepared.

5. Buy in bulk even if you don’t have a large family. Did you know you can freeze some vegetables? Also, some items like onions and potatoes will keep for quite a while.

6. Pick your own. In the summer months some berry growers will let you pick your own on their farm. The same is true for oranges and apples in the fall. Plus what a great way to spend a weekend day than on a local farm?!

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