Don’t you love the title of this Sunday Sentiments post? I really do believe that statement, as I myself, have pursued that promotion, “title”, “fame”, and other worldly gratification at different times in my life. It is very easy to get caught up in pursuing a passion, career, or just about anything in our life and forget your roots-even when your roots are what made it possible!

As a Christian, we can think we KNOW this, but sometimes we REALLY need to hear exactly what The Word says from someone else, to really “Get It” again in our hearts.

I love to dream. I have big plans and dreams. I’ve pursued many in my life-some successfully and some crashed and burned. It doesn’t matter if you have the means for something, the support from someone or whatever the situation is, the ONLY thing we need to be successful in anything,is Christ himself, as our partner! Whatever is going on in your life that you just can’t seem to be able to “see” how it will come to pass or how some “change” will ever happen, most of what seems so impossible to us, is ONLY possible through God, and that’s the point! All for His Glory, and not ours! If we can accomplish it all in our own power, we’re treading on very unsafe waters and will eventually fall.

I read a quote this week that really sums that up to me:

“Dont fall for the temptation of being impressive & performing for people. You dont have to campaign for your ministry or for your own successes. God says, “Serve ME & I’ll make your name great.” Anything done in your own strength, you will also have to keep up in your own strength! God is not responsible to sustain it…”

So, if we allow God to be the one that brings us into whatever situation, position, success, then we can relax ! But when we run around in circles trying to accomplish it all on our own accord, fix something or make something happen by our own works and efforts and for our own glory, we will eventually grow tired and weary and unable to keep it up. That is a lesson I’ve had to learn many times in my life in various situations. Whatever skill or blessing you have been given, allow God to use it and be glorified through you, instead of running with it and proclaiming your own name as wonderful. That skill, talent, gift or blessing can easily become a like a dreaded curse otherwise!

I still believe that humility is one of the hardest traits to TRULY posess, but one of the most important. I pray every day that whatever successes I have in my life whether that be my childrens achievements, knowledge that is shared with others, (yea, we can get the BIG HEAD from being told how we are so helpful and knowledgable), the growth of this tiny little spot on the web or the “Fans” impacted by it, (yes, I’ve seen bloggers with the “Big Head”,even those quoting scripture and it’s a great reminder to me!)just whatever the case might be, I pray that I always remember the purpose I started with and the simplicity of it. Anything that we accomplish in our own strength can vanish very quickly and it is no fun to realize that it all disappeared because we strayed from the original purpose and allowed ourselves to get caught up and pulled off the tracks!

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  1. >Wonderful. Thank you. Keep up the faith. Your ministry is awesome! God bless you always, sista.

  2. >wow! I needed to hear that. Thanks so much!

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