Sunday Sentiments with Beth Moore – When Life Has You Paralyzed

Belated post for todays Sunday Sentiments! I’m so off my schedule with my oral surgery this past Thursday. It had a delayed reaction and the pain and swelling didn’t kick in for a day or two, but I’m feeling it now for sure! So, I’m behind in my usually postings, but a message from Beth Moore can never be dependent on time! I so love this woman, and when she talks about being “real”, well, that is exactly why I listen to her and support her ministry!

She also maintains a personal blog where she interacts with readers and shares details about her life, which is all the more reason why I support her. I hope you’ll watch the full video and that her words will have an impact on your life, as they do on mine!


  1. >Great deals!Following you from FF, and lovin' your blog! Hope you can visit me sometime!

  2. >Hi Wendy… I left you an award on my blog. Thanks for helping me be more frugal!

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