Sunday Sentiments with Joyce Meyer – Establishing Boundaries In Relationships

>Do you need to put up some fences in your life? Do you feel like someone is or has taken advantage of you or walked all over you? Can you really hold that resentment or is it time to put up those boundaries and stop being mad at others for what we ourselves have allowed to happen? WOW...if we … [Read more...]

Sunday Sentiments – CLICK HERE To Listen to THE VOICE OF TRUTH

>My choice to say it all and share the sentiments for this Sunday & The Easter Holiday. "Out of all the voices calling out to me, I will choose to LISTEN and BELIEVE the Voice of Truth?" Boy, that is sooo true in my life! Fitting for today, Will you watch and listen ? [youtube … [Read more...]

Sunday Sentiments with Joyce Meyer – Somethings Gotta Change

>How many times do we say "Somthing has Got to Change!" ? We find ourselves stressed out, too busy, not enough hours in the day. We groan and complain about it, but somehow we find ourself in the same situations over and over again and wonder why. I hope you'll enjoy listening and watching Joyce … [Read more...]

Sunday Sentiments – Featured Joyce Meyer Video Loving Life & Loving Yourself….

>I'll be on my way to the Joyce Meyer Conference this week! WOOHOO!! I can't wait! 3 Full days of Joyce Meyer ! I'm so excited, can you tell? Only fitting to get me even more prepped for the week, is another one of my favorite Joyce Meyer teachings. This one has had me written all over it, at … [Read more...]

Sunday Sentiments – How are you REALLY doing ?

>Claiming Your Right to a Sound Mind - Part 1 with Beth MooreCLICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEORejoice in Hope with Joyce MeyerCLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO JOYCEDoes your happiness depend on everything in your life being just right? If you think you can't be happy until all your circumstances are right, you … [Read more...]

Sunday Sentiments – A Time for Thought

>[youtube]This is one of my favorite videos with Joyce Meyer. I absolutely love listening to her because she speaks the truth so boldly. I chose this one this week because of it's topic, "Be Yourself". I've struggled my whole … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday – My Boys :)

>Share … [Read more...]

Sunday Sentiments – True Prosperity

>Do you have riches or do your riches have you ? True Prosperity is not about getting rich, it's about Living Richly ! I've said it many times, something I learned long ago - success, hapiness and true contentment in life is not based on how much you have, but on how little you need !!Beth Moore … [Read more...]