The DIY Guide to Wedding on a Budget

The DIY Guide to Wedding on a Budget

You guys probably remember our series on Wedding on a Budget. This comprehensive list of tips broke down when someone should or shouldn’t use DIY thriftiness to lessen the financial burden of a wedding. This time, we decided to build on these past articles with our focus strictly on DIY marriage alternatives. When planning a wedding on a budget, you have lots of places available to cut costs and save money! Our DIY guide to wedding on a budget includes a few tips that could help you, a friend or a family member out in planning an amazing wedding without breaking that shoestring budget.

Cut the guest list: Some people choose to throw a great, big wedding. They prefer to cut costs in other areas. Keeping the gathering small tends to be the single largest cost cutting technique and will help you out immensely in the long run. By cutting down the guest list, you reduces the costs of flowers, food, drinks, decor; the guest count affects almost every area of your budget.

Choose a budget friendly location: Hotels and country clubs are expensive places to host a wedding. They may be popular, but you’ll pay for it. Think of a park or other outdoor venue for a cheaper alternative. Also, you can hold your wedding on a different day other than Saturday. Most venues offer reduced prices when you do so. Check with local hotels that don’t require you to pay for a banquet space.

The DIY Guide to Wedding on a Budget

Decorations such as the bouquet could stand a serious frugal makeover.

Use seasonal flowers: When you use seasonal flowers, you cut your flower costs nearly in half. We know you had your heart set on hydrangeas in the winter. But, you should choose some beautiful (and moderately priced) winter flowers instead.

Ask for help: Do you have a friend that takes amazing pictures or is crafty with home design/DIY. Maybe the friend could help with table decor or bouquets? Ask him or her! Most close friends or relatives would love to help you out with your wedding. So, leverage your connections and get help with DIY alternatives to the more expensive items on your to-do list.

Make your own invitations: This is an easy one with all of the options available out there. You can print and design your own invitations with just a few clicks of a mouse these days. I have done this with my own wedding invitations and a few friends. No one will be the wiser and you will have created ultra-custom invitations for your wedding. You also will have beautiful mementos from your wedding day!

Keep it in perspective: Probably the biggest thing you can do to help your budget is to remember that you’re getting married. It’s about the two of you. If your friends are more interested in an open bar rather than celebrating your new marriage, maybe they aren’t your friends. Don’t let anyone else decide wedding plans for you (especially if they aren’t the ones paying for it). That person can have the wedding that way when he or she gets married. No one but the bride and groom should decide wedding details.

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