Have you had to do something lately that you absolutely had no idea how you would do it…something else you’ve felt “forced” to take on and thought there was just no way you’d be able to do it.

If you didn’t notice, I’ve not been posting as much this week…I’ve had so much going on and it’s been one of those weeks where I’ve had to really prioritize every available minute. Such is the life of a mom! And I know that you all know what I mean!

Many of you know that my daughter and 1 1/2 year old Granddaughter moved into their own place about 2 monthes ago. I was so excited for them and to be perfectly honest, it was such a relief to get my house back! With just me, my hubby and my 2 boys, I was able to clean and it stayed that way…the laundry pile wasn’t quite as towering and the power, water and grocery bill decreases were a nice perk, as well.

Now, I love, love, love them my daughter & my Grand. My doors are always open to them, but realistically, my “brain” told me that a household of 7 through the summer while my husbands son was with us and 6 year round, was just becoming a little more than I could handle. My “Brain” told me that it was time for her to get a job and provide for herself and her own child, because I was still raising my other 2, ages 10 and 15, which is still a full time job for me in itself.

Then it happened….situations and circumstances too lengthy to detail in a post that basically boiled down to the need for my daughter and granddaughter to move back in with us.

I began to pray about it. My mind was shouting “Here comes the stress of all of us squeezed into my tiny townehome” (did I mention we only have 1 bathroom!) again. Quiet nights and “private” space or time going out the window again. And work…haha!..I work at home, which becomes very difficult for children to understand. The interruptions of “Mommy” and “MiMi” “just being on the computer” are countless (yea, I’m “just on the computer” LOL). So, yes, it means a decrease in income, as my time to work gets decreased. Yes…I could come up with a million reasons to justify how stressful 2 more in our household makes life….

And then something came over me. That sweet little face and the love that flows from her innocent craving of my attention…how on earth could I not want her to be with me, so that I don’t miss a single minute of her changing and growing! I managed to raise my own 3 and always had a house filled with their overnight friends, the neighborhood kids, etc. So, why did I think of this, as if it was any different?

It was as if God whispered in my ear to remind me that the kind of mother He equipped me to be did not end because my own children are no longer in diapers. All the tools that I need to make my house a home for ALL of my children and now even my grandchild, have been given to me from Him, for exactly this purpose. Like Beth says in the video..the reminder welled up in my heart…”This is what I’m good at! I’ve raised 3 babies..in a one income household” rang like church bells in my ears.

I know that while we may not always choose our circumstances, God does give us exactly what we need to make the best of them. While Satan will quickly whisper all of the negative, worldly reasons why something is going to create more stress for us or increase expenses when we might even be struggling with the current ones, if we are truly filled with the fullness of Christ, He will quickly make it all clear.

In my case, it became more than clear…it became a desire to step up to the plate at a time when I am most needed. While there will be challenges to changing our household numbers once again, I know that God will supply all my needs…physically, emotionally and financially.

Have you been faced with a decision or situation in your life recently that you are unsure if you can handle or How you will deal with it?

Give it to God…He will equip you in more ways than you can imagine! It may just be that He’s been preparing you for “such a time as this” all along!

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