Todays Sunday Sentiments is really just what I hope is an eye opener for many of you. In the times we live in, it seems anything is possible on the internet. Including the “perfection” of any persons appearance. The problem with that, is that once we lose our grip on reality, the lines of what is real can be blurred, causing problems in various areas of our lives. It is the blurring of reality that is driving the #1 money making industry on the internet…not sure what that is? Read on…

As mothers, because the majority of my blog readers are mothers, I challenge you to really think about this issue. This is one that we need to teach our children about. Why you ask? Because no matter what, our children do and/or will spend time online and this is an issue that effects their generation and the ones to come.

We need to make them aware that not everything they see online is real – this includes people. Every aspect of the way a person looks can be changed and perfected digitally. That might sound wonderful for a moment, but the long term effects of such widespread falsification, is not something to take lightly. Thus, we have the “fantasy world” of the internet and all the downfalls that comes along with it.

For girls, it becomes a self esteem issue, as their “idols” are being perfected in ways that are not possible in real life. Our daughters think they need to be as “beautiful”, “skinny” or what have you, as they continue to see in the media.

For our sons, who will grow up to be men one day, it has a huge impact, in the way that they view women and in what “reality” they judge appearances. This will impact their relationships and eventually, their marriage.

If we want to be effective, Moms(& Dads), we have to stay on top of issues relevent in the moment. In the years past, we remember the “Friends don’t let friends drive drunk” and “Just say no to drugs” campaigns. I can’t think of any other issue right now that has the ability to impact our childrens futures in the way that the internet does.

Social Media aside, even the most innocent of web searches by our children doing homework can result in the viewing of pornography. If we have taken the time to teach our children about what it is, why it is not “REAL” and the harmful effects of it, maybe we can change the whirlwind that is currently responsible for ruining marriages, families and lives of millions.

It’s a subject noone wants to talk about and the longer it’s kept a secret, the larger the problem gets.

As parents, we have the responsiblity of educating our children on whatever it is they might encounter in this world that could be harmful. It is my belief that the Adult Industry is the most harmful issue facing our children and families today.

I challenge you to think about the following statistics, just a handful compiled from The National Coalition for Children & Families:

  • The largest group viewing online pornography is ages 12 to 17
  • More than 11 million teens regularly view porn online
  • Worldwide pornography revenue in 2006 was $97.06 Billion. Of that, approximately $13 Billion was in the United States.
  • There are 4.2 million pornographic websites, 420 million pornographic web pages, and 68 million daily search engine requests
  • 65 percent of high school students admit to unsafe, inappropriate, or illegal activities online
  • The most common ways people have accidentally reached pornographic content on the Web are pop-up windows (55%), misrepresented links (52%), misspelled URLs (48%) and auto links within emails (23%)
  • According to Datamonitor, over half of all spending on the Internet is related to sexual activity. Each day 30 million people log on to pornographic Web sites
  • 70% of 18 to 24 year old men visit pornographic sites in a typical month. 66% of men in their 20s and 30s also report being regular users of pornography

    The times we live in are rapidly changing. Just watch TV and you can see that over the years it has become “socially acceptable” to see those late night 1-800 call me for fun ads. Or the movie scenes in strip clubs that glamourize that as a job to young girls & women as well as encouraging young boys and men to visit for guys night, bachelor parties or just to “get away”.

    I believe that knowledge is power. We must equip our children to deal with the issues they will face in life, no matter how uncomfortable the subject makes us.

    Have you discussed the “P” word with your own children or will you be part of the silent majority, allowing it to be like a mold…continuing to multiply and grow in the darkness ?

    “For all that is secret will eventually be brought into the open, and everything that is concealed will be brought to light and made known to all.” ~ Luke 8:7 (NLV)

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