Frugal Fabulous Free Amazon eBook Review: Havana62

Frugal Fabulous Free Amazon eBook Review: Havana62

The year is 1962 and social media is running rampant with world leaders social media feeds in what some describe as “the most dangerous moment in human history.” Follow the posts of President John F. Kennedy, the Soviet Union’s Nikita Khrushchev, and Cuba’s Fidel Castro on private social media feeds reporting on events leading up to the Cuban Missile Crisis as they unfold. This sets the stage for today’s Amazon eBook review of Philip Gibson’s book, #Havana62: To the Brink of Nuclear War.

Havana62 puts a unique twist on the retelling of perhaps our country’s greatest threat. By anachronistically placing social media in the hands of these leaders Gibson takes this historic retelling into a completely new and unexpected direction. Only years and decades after the nuclear stalemate were details of the near disaster released. But what if these world leaders had access to social media, where today people share their most intimate thoughts and reactions instantly? By using this artistic license Havana62 creates a believable and sometimes more terrifying look back on the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Havana62While some of the book strains the boundaries of credibility, mainly due to military security and matters of classified information, I found this book to be a breath of fresh air. Never have I read quite an amalgam of the historical non-fiction and thriller genres. By incorporating contemporary technology and mass media outlets with historical events I think that this is a compelling read for any age. I could see Havana62 being used in the secondary education levels as a way to draw in students who either don’t like to read books or aren’t interested in history. I envision several “posts” that would be great excerpts for classroom discussion.

While Havana62 might not be what the avid reader or critical historian would care for I commend Gibson for thinking outside the box. I approached this Amazon ebook review thinking that Gibson’s concept was superfluous but was pleasantly surprised at the heightened sense of danger that I felt in reading his book. If you’re interested in reading Havana62 you can download the book for free now.

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