WOOT!! Another reason that I LOVE my Bank…as I’ve told you about many times before! I get to redeem the PERKS I earned, just for using my Debit Card for my everyday purchases…which for me includes getting Gas, paying bills online,etc.

Above you can see hwere I accumulated more Perks and redeemed them for another FREE Amazon Gift Card !

In the past year, I’ve gotten so many FREE Amazon Gift Cards that it would make no since for me to ever use another bank, especially one that actually charges me instead of pays me to use my debit card!

Is your bank paying you to use your debit card?

I’ve told you many times how much I absolutely LOVE my bank! I use to think banks were a necessary evil with all the fees..but not since I switched over to Perkstreet’s FREE Checking Account with a FREE Debit Card that gives me 1-5% CASH BACK (1% ALL the time and increases for special monthly perks!).

There are lots of ways you can cash out your Perks each month including CASH deposit into your account, Gift Cards to Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Macy’s, Sears and so many more, as well as Gift cards to restaurants like T.G.I.Fridays, Applebees, Starbucks, Olive Garden and more!

Since I already utilize all the reward programs I can to get Free Amazon Gift Cards, I stick with that! I use them to purchase the mega low grocery deals and other things that would be an expense in our household each month. Less money going out does wonders for our budget!

If you have somehow missed my posts about why it REALLY does pay to switch your banking, be sure to read my more detailed info below. I’m off to get the code for my Free Amazon Gift Card and check out the new monthes 5% CASH BACK store list!

I’ve seen banks offer Cash Back on Debit Card Purchases or Rewards on Checking Accounts, but they are usually limited to “High End” account holders who maintain a specific balance, as are most “Perks” of this type.

Not Anymore – NO MINIMUM BALANCE required to earn your Cash Back with PerkStreet!

I’ve made a beautiful discovery and though I was hesitant to switch around banks, etc. it has rewarded me well for the small effort !

PerkStreet Financial is an online bank that offers a lot of PERKS you really won’t find anywhere else.

In this day and age, there are a wide variety of places that you can put your money, including a huge number of online banks. PerkStreet does a great job of setting themselves apart from most other online banking websites.

Most debit cards do not even have a reward program. PerkStreet does and it really is quite unique.

Here’s a breakdown for you…imagine earning 2% CASH BACK on every time you use your debit card!

You will earn a minimum of 1% cash back for all non-PIN debit card purchases and There is no limit to the total amount you can earn.

You can choose to earn coffee or music perks instead of cash back perks and those add up quickly as well! You can switch perks programs at any time with no penalty.

In addition you can earn 5% cash back when shopping at certain retailers. They announce the retailers and associated time periods for earning 5% cash back at those retailers via Twitter (@perkstreet), their Facebook page or other company communications.

I knew I was in for the Cash Back Debit Card the minute I saw it! I had to test it out before I reported to you all, and I’m here to say that if you use your debit card often, you will LOVE getting CASH BACK !

The PerkStreet checking account is basicly FREE. Here are the high points of what it has to offer:

•$25 to open the account
•No minimum balance
•Free checks
•No monthly fees, when you use your account
•Free online banking and bill pay
•Nation’s largest “free” ATM network
•24/7 customer support, live and fast
•Unique debit card offering 1-5% cash back, or free coffee or music
•Sign up takes five minutes
•Fraud protection

Their ATM network has over 37,000 branches, which they state is the largest in the country. They also offer free overnight delivery if you deposit money through the mail at UPS and Mailboxes Etc. locations.

If you’ve thought about changing banks or want to start getting cash back for purchases you are already making daily, I highly recommend PerkStreet Financial.

CLICK HERE to visit PerkStreet Financial and see for yourself! - Take Control of Your Money

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