10 tips for frugal living for beginners

10 tips for frugal living for beginners

Frugal living is a little more than couponing, it really touches each part of your life! From grocery shopping, to eating out and even shopping for school supplies. I know a mother that recycles her three daughter’s binders each year, along with unused pencils and filler paper. Frugal living should keep you constantly on the look out for ways to save on everything! I’ve pulled together 10 of the best tips for beginners to start on the new journey of frugal living.

10 tips for frugal living

  1. Always plan ahead before any type of purchase to check for deals, coupons or online specials.
  2. Take your lunch to work. Time Magazine says you can save up to $2,500 a year by packing your lunch.
  3. Always use grocery store rewards programs.
  4. DIY whenever you can! Christmas gifts, Halloween costumes, birthday cards, wrapping paper; the possibilities are endless.
  5. Always use cash. I have adopted and adaptation of the Dave Ramsey envelope plan where spending is concerned. Check it out and you may like this plan.
  6. Have a yard sale! Pick a few times a year to get rid of the old and bring in the new. Make a few bucks off your clothes and help out other frugal folks along the way.
  7. Make sure you have leftovers a few times a week for the family and adopt the Meatless Monday plan. If you plan ahead over the weekend it’s possible to make sure you can use a whole chicken twice, make stock for soups, chicken salad sandwiches and many more.
  8. Get a library card! These days not only does the library offer books but videos, DVD, digital book download and computer access. You can’t go wrong!
  9. Cut back on your cable! Do you really, truly need 450 channels?
  10. Set the heat or the air conditioner a couple degrees cooler or warmer for big utility savings.


Please comment and add some of your favorite tips or elaborate on any of these. Happy Friday!

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