Learn All About the Secret Menards Rebate

Learn All About the Secret Menards Rebate

If you have ever shopped at Menards, you know that they frequently have great sales and offer products at reasonable prices. Typically, Menards offers sales from Sunday to Saturday each week. Occasionally, Menards offers their special secret Menards 11 rebate! When the Menards rebate is made available, you can get an 11% mail in rebate for just about anything in the store. This can save you a decent amount of money on your purchases!

Secret Menards RebateIf you made purchases the week before the Menards 11 rebate occurred, you can still get your main in rebate! To get your 11% price adjustment rebate, speak to someone in a Menards store (you will need to go to the Menards rebate center in stores) and ask them for the 11% price adjustment rebate form. This form is not available online, so you must ask for it in a Menards store. Most other forms are available online. To receive your main in rebate, you must mail the correct, original copies of your receipts along with the completed form by the due date indicated on the paper. You can use your rebate check in a Menards store as if it were cash.

It is important to note that items that are on sale during the Menards 11 rebate will not qualify for the rebate. Also, you cannot use Menards coupons to save money on the items you wish to receive a rebate on. You may mail in more than one receipt with your Menards rebate form. It may take between 6 to 8 weeks for you to receive your rebate check in the main.

Forms for the regular Menards 11 Rebate week are available online and do not need to be picked up in stores. You can print them and mail them right from home. You can also find autumn coupons online for Menards stores. Happy rebating!

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