We are re-visiting some of our Couponing 101 Series posts on behalf of all our new readers and fans, as well as anyone who may have missed any in the past!

I decided to start with the questions that are most frequently emailed to me and posted to our facebook page by those just starting out with Coupons.

Today’s FAQ is:

“What is “Stacking” and How do I know what Coupons can be stacked?”

    The first thing to know

Before you learn about stacking is the different TYPES of coupons ( See Here )
Once you know the difference between a Manufacturer Coupon, a Store Coupon, a peelie, blinkie or RR, then you can progress to Stacking.

    Next, you need to know

NOT ALL STORES Allow Coupon Stacking – you’ll need to know your Stores Coupon Acceptance Policy HERE

It’s very simple. I’ll try to explain with an example:

Item X is on sale for $2 at drug store X

Drug Store X (say RiteAid, Walgreens or CVS) offers Store Coupons.
***These may be In-Ad Coupons that you cut out of their weekly sales circular or Printable Coupons from their website, or coupons they sent you in the mail,etc., that say Store X Coupon instead of Manufacturer Coupon on them and they usually have that stores Logo.

You want to buy the $2 item on sale and you have a $1 off Manufacturer Coupon that you printed online (Printable Coupon Sites HERE).
You also have a $.50 off Item X Store Coupon for Store X where it is on sale.

You can use both of these coupons (because they are diffrerent TYPES of coupons) on that 1 item. That’s called Stacking.

Your final cost on Item X will be just .50 because you stacked the coupons with the sale price.

I hope I made that simple enough. You can sweeten that scenario by again stacking with your ECB’s, RR’s or +Up Dollars or an overall transaction amount coupon for store X. That is explained in detail in my post HERE.

For us long time couponers, we forget how mind boggling simple stacking with just a store coupon and manufacturer coupon can be! But we all started there and once you’ve got this part down, you’ll be on a roll to how much more you can save in the stores and what other coupons & saving offers you can Stack!

Examples of Stores that DO Allow Coupon Stacking
-VERIFIED in their Coupon Policy:


Family Dollar
Dollar General

Rite Aid

Dorothy Lane Market

BJ’s Warehouse Club

If you have any questions, please let me know with a comment below!


  1. If you sort their coupons-the CVS ones will be the first ones you see – they have the CVS logo on them – the rest are regular Manufacturer Coupons from CVS mails store coupons and of course you can print them in your store at the scanner machine also.

  2. Karen Brown says

    I just saw that CVS has coupons on their website. Are those manufacturer coupons or CVS coupons? I’m wondering if I can stack! Thanks!

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