Free Perfume Samples, Programs That Deliver To Your Door

Free Perfume Samples, Programs That Deliver To Your Door

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We’ve all had that moment where we have walked by a perfume store or a kiosk and have been roped into trying out scents from overeager salespeople. We’ve also all encountered that one person who wears their perfume like a heavy, overbearing cloud. In either case, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by strong scents, which makes finding the right perfume something of a challenge. Programs that deliver free perfume samples to your door are a major help in winnowing the field.

But how do they work, and how can you make one of these programs work for you? We’ll walk you through the ins and outs of these programs so you can find the scent that best represents you.

What Are Free Perfume Sample Programs?

Free perfume sample programs are subscriptions that deliver perfume samples directly to your door. The goal of these programs is to help you find perfumes that you like without the hassle and expense of buying full-sized bottles of perfume that you might not like.

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These programs are a friendlier version of the salespeople at the mall since they give you the opportunity to try these samples on your own time.

Popular Sample Programs

While the perfume samples themselves might be free, many of these sample programs do require a small monthly subscription fee, or at the very least ask you to may for shipping and handling. Here are a few of the better free perfume sample programs.



Image via Scentbird website

For one monthly subscription fee, you can have access to over 450 perfume samples from every designer and brand on the market. Scentbird sends boxes of three miniature spray bottle samples and even lets you pick your delivery schedule.



Image via Scentbox website

WIth this program, you can have access to 800 designer perfumes for a small monthly subscription fee. Scentbox sends one sample at a time in a miniature spray bottle and allows you to choose which perfume you want to sample.

Perfume Surprise

Perfume Surprise

Image via Perfume Surprise website

This is a monthly subscription that gives you five perfume samples in 2.5 ounce spray bottles and jewelry in each box. Each month the samples are a complete surprise, which gives subscribers the opportunity to test perfumes without a bias for brand names.

Luxury Scent Box

Luxury Scent Box

Image via Luxury Scent Box website

With one affordable monthly subscription, you get three travel-sized perfume samples from the best designer brands. Unlike other sample programs, Luxury Scent Box matches you with customized samples based on a short survey and allows subscribers to go month-to-month.

Scent Trunk

Scent Trunk

Image via Scent Trunk website

This is another unique sample program. Before you officially subscribe, Scent Trunk sends you a little kit of fragrance samples that will help you customize your perfume preferences during enrollment to the monthly service. And unlike other programs, the perfumes at Scent Trunk are designed for you – they are personalized fragrances rather than designer perfumes.

Check Designer Websites

Instead of a perfume sample program, you do have another option. A lot of top designer brands, like Hermes, Calvin Klein, Burberry, and other perfume brands offer free samples of their perfumes directly from their websites. You can go straight to the source of your favorite perfume designer and get small samples of perfume for just the cost of shipping. Sometimes, if you sign up for mailing lists with these designers, they even send samples of perfume or other products.

Is There a Need for Free Perfume Samples?

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The short answer is yes, there is definitely a need for free perfume samples. There are three reasons why free samples are useful in your quest to find the perfume that you like the best – options, scent preference, and expense.


The world of perfume is incredibly vast. There are designer perfumes, like Dior or Gucci. There are store perfumes, like Victoria’s Secret. There are perfumes made by celebrities. There are perfume brands that make dozens of different scents and perfume brands that make only one scent. There are perfumes for daytime and perfumes for nighttime. There are even perfumes that are more appropriate for warm weather and perfumes that are better for cold weather.

Frankly, there are so many different perfumes that the variety of options will make your head spin – and every single option has a distinct, patented scent. With free perfume samples, you can have access to many of these options and have the chance to encounter perfumes that you might otherwise overlook. Free perfume programs often select their samples at random and can keep track of the samples they have sent to you. After all, the incentive for continuing to send you samples is the promise that you will buy a full size bottle – or bottles – in the future.

Free perfume sample programs help introduce you to new perfume options and then help you narrow your choices down.

Scent Preference

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Our noses are sensitive, and our preference for what smells good is unique to each of us. For example, some people enjoy the ozone scent that goes along with thunderstorms, while other people do not. Some people enjoy the scent of coffee, while others find the scent bitter. Scent preference is something we can’t really control, and since there are usually a lot of scents in every perfume, finding one that is completely inoffensive can be a challenge.

If you look at perfume descriptions online, you will usually find a list of what scents are in the perfume. Usually it’s lists of fruits, flowers, herbs, musks, and sea salts. But as nice as those descriptions are, you are still blind to what the scent is unless it’s right under your nose. Sometimes the descriptions are helpful, as you can at least recognize whether or not you can tolerate the scent of lavender or not, for example, but there is no indication of how dominate any scent is in the perfume until you can actually smell it.

But more than anything, nobody can know if they will like a scent until you can catch a whiff. You can look at a list of ingredients, know that you like every scent on the list individually, and then find the combination repugnant. It happens. Programs that deliver free samples of perfume to you give you the chance to decide what scents you like best. Some programs even help you sort perfumes based on your scent preferences.


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Let’s face it – a lot of perfume is expensive, so if you’re on the search for that perfect scent, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to buy entire bottles of perfume if you aren’t sure about the product. This is probably why programs that deliver free samples of perfume are popular and useful, since these programs can save you a lot of time and money. Instead of gambling on full-size bottles of perfume, it makes more sense to sample products until you find the scent that you like the best.

How to Use Free Perfume Sample Programs

Sign up and save! Getting access to free perfume samples is usually as easy as filling out short registrations with your name, email, and address. For a small monthly fee, it seems like a no-brainer, right? Here are two ways to use these programs.

Perfume Testing

You want to invest in a full-sized bottle of perfume that you will use religiously, but you aren’t sure how to choose the right perfume. By subscribing to a free perfume sample program, you can try out many different perfumes until you find one that you love, and then you can go on to order a full sized-bottle of that perfume. Usually, perfume testing will lead to purchasing. And if there is one that that is certain, it is that people are loyal to their favorite perfume once they find the right one. Take your time searching for the perfect fragrance by using these free sample programs.

Thrifty Perfume

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​Maybe you won’t ever buy a full-sized bottle of any of the perfumes that are sent in a perfume sample box – and that’s okay. Many of these sample programs know that their subscribers want to try perfumes without any commitment. Free sample programs can become a thrifty way to get access to perfume that would otherwise be too expensive for your budget.


How many of us have heard that every woman should have a signature scent? According to some Victorian-era rule of society, sophisticated and mature women should always have a personalized scent. Even Hollywood stars of old had perfumes that they made theirs, like Marilyn Monroe and Chanel No. 5. Should modern women be the same? Maybe. Scent is a powerful sense, one that research shows is more reliably linked to memory than taste or sound. If we want to be unforgettable, maybe we do need signature scents.

But where to start? That’s where free perfume samples become a huge help. Signing up for programs that deliver free samples to your door is a great way to test the waters before committing yourself to one fragrance. You can have access to hundreds of perfumes for a low monthly cost until you find the one that will become your signature scent. Sample programs are smart and thrifty. Marilyn would be proud!

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