The Hunt for Freebies and Why Freebie Sites Help

The Hunt for Freebies and Why Freebie Sites Help

Free is a word that is an attention-getter.  What defines “free?”  Completely without cost?  For the skeptics this is too good to be true.  Yes it may not cost you monetarily but it will cost you your time and information.  This is where freebie sites come in.  The hunt for freebies can be daunting so the sites are set up to make it fast and easy.  But, is the skepticism here justified? To defend the sites and perhaps clear up some ambiguity of the term “free,” let’s discuss how freebie sites work and what “free samples no strings” really means. We’ll also cover how to find the best freebie sites on the web at the moment.


Freebie sites are a means for which to find free items that companies are offering; a messenger if you will.  You will notice that a link on a freebie site will take you away and direct you to the site responsible for the offer.  This makes a freebie site more of a third party.  They are not responsible for the specific item at all.

Think of a freebie site as if it were a friend who tells you about a deal at a store and you go to the store to receive said deal.  Your friend is not providing you with the product.  They are simply giving you information on what the deal is and where to get it.  After that the transaction is between you and the product provider.  Same goes with the sites that have freebies.


When a new product comes out you will see heavy marketing for this product.  This can be in the form of TV commercials or ads in your local paper or circular.  But another effective way is to offer free samples no strings.  This technique is a double edged sword and “no strings” is a fairly loose term.

First, in order to receive your sample you are often asked to either provide your personal information or fill out a survey.  This allows the company to have your contact information AND valuable marketing information.  So, you get your free sample, the company gets your information and they get their product in your hands.  This is extremely effective.  You benefit by getting a free sample and the company has a potential new customer.

Unfortunately receiving your free sample is not a guarantee.  This does not mean that you have been scammed.  Companies have a limited supply of product in which they can disperse for free.  When you hunt for freebies remember that other people are doing the same thing.  By the time you click on the link and sign up, the supply of free samples may very well already be exhausted.  Another factor is your distance from the point of distribution.  With a limited supply companies do not want to incur more costs in shipping out a free product than they have to.  They want the public to try their product but do not want unnecessary costs in doing so.


There are ways to find freebies other than freebie sites.  You can check out a companies website, forums, or news sources but this is extremely time consuming.  Plus you may come across deals that are either too good to be true (not free), or just a plain old scam.

Freebie sites give you information on what is out there and tries to filter out illegitimate or bad deals.  Their purpose is to make the hunt for freebies faster and easier.  The best freebie sites will filter out scams and have the information organized so that navigating through all of the deals is not so cumbersome.  Simply put, these sites do the legwork for you.

Freebie Recap

Remember when you hunt for freebies that these sites have done the hard part in finding what is out there.  Look for the sites that have the best deals and which make it easy to navigate through all of the content on their site.  There are plenty to choose from so see which are the best freebie sites for you!  Good hunting!

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