I’ve been hearing about donating expired coupons for mililtary families for a while now. After looking into it fully, I realized that donating expired coupons to military families who can use coupons up to 6 months after expiration, was a MUST do. I made the decision to adopt a military base!

I’ve become more aware of the need to recycle plastic, aluminum and paper and doing this just makes sense! I always have coupons left in the weekly inserts that I don’t use and have leftover and expired coupons which I try to clean out of my binder often. So what to do with all these? Give them to families that can actually use them! Military families can use coupons for up to 6 monthes after the expire dates!

From their website:

The Overseas Coupon Program is a Charitable Service Program that supports Military Families Overseas. The program is not tax deductible but is still a very worthwhile cause. A service person being sent overseas will be away from their family for over a year. If the family can travel with them, that makes their time serving our country overseas more tolerable. Many bases in Europe, and Asia allow families to live there. The problem with this arrangement is that the spouse is in a foreign land without work. There are very few jobs for spouses on base so most families end up as one income families. This places a strain on their finances. In the end it helps if we provide some kind of assistance. Last year OCP provided over four million dollars in coupon assistance!

We have adopted a US Naval Air Ficility for the families stationed there in Atsugi, Japan. I chose this one because it had the least amount of donors listed on their site.

If you’d like to help out, you can check out their site and adopt a base, as well!

You can send them directly to the base using our name as the group donor to:

U.S. Naval Air Facility
Navy FSC
PSC 477 Box 32
FPO AP 96306

Thanks to anyone that helps with this! I know it is a valued and much needed service to families stationed away from home!

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    What type of Coupons?

    “Manufacturer’s Coupons” are the coupons of choice since they are accepted at any store. Coupons from the dispensers in grocery stores, from the internet and from your local newspaper inserts, and dozens of other places are good as long as those magic words are on them: “Manufacturer’s Coupon.”

    Internet Coupons?

    They already have access to these themselves and can get internet coupons that are not expired.

  2. I’ve been reading about this on other sites. I’m a little confused about coupons that we’ve printed from the internet and didn’t use. Should we send those? I know they could print their own but they are limited to time and the number of prints.

  3. >I had no idea. Good to know, since I'm a military wife.

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