We are re-visiting some of our Couponing 101 Series posts on behalf of all our new readers and fans, as well as anyone who may have missed any in the past!

I decided to start with the questions that are most frequently emailed to me and posted to our facebook page by those just starting out with Coupons.

Today’s FAQ is:

” Why Didn’t my Coupons Double during the Stores’ Doubles Event ? “

This is something you will need to plan for and choose your coupons wisely for a doubling event, such as Harris Teeter Super Doubles where only 20 coupons will double per day. You’ll need to take a little time before your trip to gather your coupons and check all 20 that you plan to be doubled.

Here’s some insider info. on coupon doubling and those marked “DO NOT DOUBLE” that you will need to pay attention to to maximize your savings.

Do Not Double = DND

Stores like Ingles, Harris Teeter and many others only double a certain number of coupons daily or with a weekly sale event. It’s not a pick & choose- the computer/register will automatically double the first 20 (or X number) of coupons that are scanned. This is another reason why you need to pay attention to the order of the coupons you hand over to your cashier, especially if you are purchasing more than just the items for your 20 double coupons.

Secondly, The computer WILL NOT double certain coupons.

Many manufacturer’s will mark coupons as “Do Not Double” in the print and the store will double anyways. It’s not a favor they are doing for you. These are regular manufacturer coupons that begin with a number ” 5 ” in the UPC Barcode Label.

Coupons that the computer WILL NOT Double start with a ” 9″ instead of a ” 5 “ . This means the manufacturer has set this coupon as DND and it cannot be overriden by the store. It is not your cashiers fault and it’s not the stores fault. It is the rule set by the Brand Maufacturer.

Remember to pay close attention to this when you are counting on certain coupons to double-especially for doubling events where only a limited number of coupons will double per transaction/day.

I hope this info. was helpful!

I remember hitting Harris Teeter when I was new to couponing and had my huge stack of coupons….only to find out that 20 of them doubled and not the 20 that I wanted to double (highest value) but instead a lower double value of the 20 that were scanned first. We learn by error as I did that day, but hopefully I can save you some time & money by sharing my own mistakes & tips!

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