Are you looking for a unique way to display an old family photo? Or maybe a unique gift to show someone how much you care? Then you should definitely checkout this deal I found!! For only $30 on Totsy, you can get a $60 Voucher to Vizardz.com .

Vizardz transforms your photos into 2.5D pictures that are then assembled into extra special and personalized night lights, ornaments or light boxes. These unique personal pieces of art are the perfect, memorable and sentimental gifts you can share with your loved ones.

Here is what the picture (at the top of this post) looks like when NOT lit up:

Pretty cool, right? I just love these night lights – they add depth, texture and contrast to plain old ordinary photos. Instead of putting them in a photo book, or keeping them on your camera, consider making a Vizardz personalized product! Perfect for Christmas (you can make holiday ornaments that will last forever) or share your favorite pic with friends and family at the office!

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