Affordable Tailgating Tips for the Frugal FabulousI love tailgating. Since I live in the South, tailgating happens frequently during our Friday night high school football games, Saturday college games and, of course, Sunday NFL games! However, tailgating can get pricey (especially when you do it every day of the weekend!). So, I thought I would come up with these Affordable Tailgating Tips for the Frugal Fabulous that you could use for your next tailgate party!

Tailgating has almost become a sport in itself with its extreme set ups, tents, RV’s, beer trucks, and seafood boils. I have even witnessed a lobster being served at a tailgate once or twice. If you are in the market to actually save a buck or two, here are some great ideas for you.

  • Buy a grill that suites your needs! Do you need a small portable grill for a just a few people? The clean up for these small grills is super easy! Or, do you need a large smoker? Either way, make sure to keep your needs in mind. There is no sense in spending big bucks just to impress the folks next to you. 
  • Of course, we love steaks at a tailgate. But, why not go for burgers? The meat is much cheaper. Or, change things up a bit with some chicken thighs; you can marinate them, and you don’t need cutlery to enjoy the grilled product. If you want to go fancy with the burgers, add shredded cheese or bacon inside the raw patty before you cook it. Simple techniques like this will surely impress your guests without exceeding your budget.

  • Do you love to play cornhole or other tailgating games? Make them yourself instead of spending money on fancy games. A cornhole DIY project could be fun for the whole family. You can customize the cornhole boards to your team’s logo or colors. Here are cornhole DIY intructions from Pinterest.
  • Almost all of your necessary tailgate products like paper plates, napkins and cutlery can be purchased at your local Dollar Store. I always stop there first whether planning a birthday party or tailgate party. You will probably be surprised that with a little creativity you can turn Dollar General decorations into a great tailgate experience. It’s super cute too!

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