Angry Birds Toons FREE Season On Google Play!

Angry Birds Toons FREE Season On Google Play!

Angry Birds Toons

If your children enjoy playing the game Angry Birds, they will enjoy this animated series featuring the characters from Angry Birds (and you will love this offer because it is FREE)! These animated cartoons are a huge hit with children all over the world. This series and silly and amusing for kids. The characters have distinct personalities and are fun to watch.

Right now, you can download a FREE season of Angry Birds Toons on Google Play. You must have a Google Play account in order to take advantage of this freebie offer. To download this offer, log into your Google Play account and then click on this link. Then, enter the promo code AngryBirdsSonic and click next.

You can choose any season of Angry Birds Toons that you would like to download. There are 3 seasons of Angry Birds Toons to choose from. When you get to the check out screen, the cost of your purchase should be $0. Then, you can catch the series from any of your mobile devices connected to Google Play. This freebie download offer from Google Play will probably not stick around for very long, so be sure to take advantage of it while you can!

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