The Basics of DIY Pet Grooming

The Basics of DIY Pet Grooming

If you own a dog or dogs you know that DIY pet grooming and pet care can be an expensive endeavor. There are some DIY pet care tips to save money without sacrificing your pets grooming needs. Nail clipping and hair trimming may seem like a monumental task (especially if your pet does not particularly like getting groomed!), but the satisfaction of at-home grooming can be immense. There are good resources available to help pet owners become proficient at the standard grooming services. Be sure to check out product manuals, DVD’s, articles, and online videos for great advice and tutorials on how to groom a dog.

Be Sure to Select your DIY Pet Grooming Tools Appropriately

For nail trimming be sure to find a kit that includes a quality pair of nail trimmers, a nail file designed specifically for dogs, and a pair of small grooming shears to cut any hair that is growing out over the nails.

For hair trimming find a trimmer that is suited for your dogs hair type. These can get pretty expensive; a quality doggrooming dog clipper can run between $100 to $300. This may seem expensive but they will last you for years and will pay for themselves within a short time. Be sure that the clippers you purchase have a durable and break resistant housing case, cool and quiet operations, and detachable rust-resistant blades.

DIY Pet GroomingTraining your Pet for DIY Pet Grooming

It is important to do a little bit of doggrooming training with your dog prior to your at-home grooming so that they associate grooming as a positive activity.

Before trimming their nails spend a few days rubbing your dog’s paws. Praise them after and give them a treat. When you start trimming their nails keep the first few sessions short. Again, praise them and give them a treat. Let them know that they are doing a good job using these dog grooming tips!

When preparing to trim your dog’s hair introduce the clipper visually for a few days. Let your dog sniff it, then praise and reward them with a treat. After your dog has seen the clippers for a few days turn the clipper on so that they get used to the sound. Again, praise and reward! Gradually work the clippers closer to the dog. When you are ready to begin trimming keep the first few sessions short. Be sure to keep things positive – if you’re angry or annoyed your dog will notice and become agitated. Always be sure to stay calm, speak softly, and encourage your dog – and give them their favorite treat! Trust me, these are invaluable dog grooming tips.

Dog Grooming Tips for Nail Trimming

When trimming your dog’s nails be sure to make a series of thin slices instead of one big cut. This will help you avoid cutting too far and harming your dog during doggrooming. Stop when you see a black dot towards the center of the nail. If the nail splinters while you are clipping them file them starting at the back of the nail and working your way forward.

Hair Trimming

Always make sure that your dogs coat is clean before trimming. Think about finding an elevated position to groom them and also having a tether in place. Having them at an elevated position will make it easier for you to view your dog and the tether will help keep your dog in position. Start clipping your dog in an area that is not as visible (below the neck or on their belly) until you feel comfortable with the length you want to achieve. Remember that practice makes perfect. Before long you’ll wonder why you didn’t do your own pet grooming sooner!

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