Hormel has released some great coupons  just in time for the fall and back to school shopping. To cash in on big savings with Hormel coupons, just click this link. You’ll get five coupons that you can click and use today.

Big Savings With Hormel CouponsHere is a list of the Hormel coupons available:

  • 55 cents off on the purchase of any two Hormel chili products.
  • $1.50 off any three Hormel Compleats microwave meals
  • 55 cents off when you purchase any one Hormel Sandwich Makers
  • Save $2 on the purchase of one Hormel party tray, 28 oz. or larger
  • Save $1 on any two Hormel Premium canned chicken products

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I’ve been receiving the Hormel newsletter for a while now. Not only are the coupons really great, but some of the other content that the company shares is great too. This month I really enjoyed the article on meal planning by Jennifer Lintz, RD, LD. Lintz shares some great tips on how to plan meals for your family as we all become a little busier with the start of school.

Here are a few of Lintz’s tips on meal planning that may prove helpful to you too:

  • Save time, as much at 30 minutes to an hour by planning your meals out for the entire week.
  • Planning meals in advance also helps save money by cutting down on food going bad and you will know exactly what you need to buy at the grocery store.
  • Meal planning will ensure you include nutritious elements to each dinner, lunch or breakfast.

If you have trouble planning meals, some of these awesome sites can actually do it for you, providing recipes and grocery lists along with coupons for the meals. One of my favorites is $5 Dinners. When you sign up to their newsletters, you receive a meal plan for each week. I don’t always exactly stick to the list, but you will be amazed at the dinners you can put together for $5. Breakfast recipes and lunch ideas are also included with your weekly newsletter along with coupon matchups.

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