Celebrate SPRING with these great spring cleaning ideas!

Celebrate SPRING with these great spring cleaning ideas!

Winter is finally coming to a close for most of us across the country, unless you are lucky enough to live in Florida! And that means spring cleaning! It’s time to dust off those cobwebs and dust and celebrate SPRING with these great spring cleaning ideas! I love to use products that are already around the house to do cleaning projects, it’s definitely frugal and saver than harsh cleaning products.

Below are a few ideas for you to get your spring cleaning kick started this weekend:

Remove pet hair with a squeegee: Turns out your squeegee typically used to clean windows has a great use other than getting your windows squeaky clean. Use one as a quick and easy way to wipe pet hair off of your carpets and rugs. (listotic.com)

Clean your coffee pot:  Use white vinegar to clean your coffee pot, which only costs about $2. Pour about 2 cups of the white vinegar into the coffee maker instead of water and start brewing. Repeat the process two or three times. Then run a cycle or two with clean water. (thevspotblog.com)

Sanitize your sponges in the microwave: I’ve been using this tip for years. After you’ve done all your spring cleaning, you’ll want to get those sponges clean! Just pop them into the microwave for about 2 minutes. Make sure your sponges aren’t dry or you’ll have a fire hazard. WebMD says this action alone will kill e. Coli and any other bacteria in your sponge.

Please share any frugal cleaning tips that you think we would find helpful and Happy Spring Cleaning!


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