Clorox Ick-tionary – Naming Life’s Biggest Messes

Clorox Ick-tionary – Naming Life’s Biggest Messes

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As a mommy of two young girls, two Great Danes, and one very hard working Iron Worker husband…I have come across many battles in the laundry room. You are definitely not alone, when it comes to diaper blow-outs, sick children, art made out of who knows what?!, and a backed-up toilet with your brand new iPhone! Eeeeek! Yes, as a mom I have been there and back more than a few times! So what company has been there through thick and thin?? Clorox® has been faithfully helping you clean up these messes with products from toilet bowl cleaners to disinfecting wipes, and now wants YOUR HELP naming life’s biggest messes. Thanks to a NEW online Clorox Ick-tionary, the words you create will be apart of the hilarious dictionary of messes.

So what is the Clorox® Ick-tionary?
Well in hindsight, it captures the icky every-day and over-the-top situations that everyone can relate to; from circumstances surrounding the unpleasantness of poop and pee to things like applesauce on the ceiling (how?), to the sticky situation you’re in from the accidental “reply to all” mass email. Visit to laugh, commiserate and resolve some of these mishaps and see how Clorox® cleaning and laundry products can help turn a lot of these ep-ick disasters into cleaning wins.

From the kitchen to the bathroom, to sadly even the bedroom…these Clorox words have definitely be said a time or two…

Words that I have created include:

Fettucinemeanie ~ Italian food can be so delicious, and appetizing, except for when you find stains on your daughters brand new Rapunzel dress. Ugh! Thank goodness for Clorox to get rid of those pesky sauce stains from our favorite meal!

Wormicide ~ Okay, so if you didn’t already know…both my girls love worms, and that means finding them in their bedroom, in coffee cups, and in the pockets of summer sundresses. Eeeeeew! Many times the worms don’t survive all this “love” so I can only assume it was “worm-i-cide”. Poor guys!

I’m sure you’ve used bleach at some point in your life. It’s the best way to make sure your whites stay looking white. If you’ve ever gotten a hug from a kid with messy hands while you’re wearing your favorite white top, bleach is probably your best friend! Bleach even has some simple and surprising uses too! Did you know it can help flowers live longer? Use bleach mixed with water to clean the coffee tumbler you bring to work every day. You can even clean your pet’s bowl with bleach to make sure Fido stays healthy!

My all-time favorite product from Clorox, has to be the Clorox 2. A laundry detergent’s favorite companion. It takes away the need for pretreating your clothes. Just add it to your wash to remove tough stains, brighten colors, and whiten whites. Instrumental for ensuring teens’ wardrobes survive throughout high school.

What names will you give to your sticky and messy situations?  Do you already have a made-up-word for the gross ick happening in your home?  

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