Best Monthly Wine Club Offers From ClubW

Best Monthly Wine Club Offers From ClubW

Right now, you can get the best monthly wine club offers from ClubW. You may not be familiar with ClubW. It’s this great wine website where distributors can sell hundreds of different types of wine directly to you at super low prices! To begin the membership, you will be asked a few questions about your flavor profiles. ClubW takes this information and pairs it with the perfect wine to suit your personal preferences.

ClubW is really taking things up a notch for the holiday season. They will offer the very best deals ever offered in the history of this wine club. ClubW will pay for your first two bottles of wine shipped directly to your door step! You simply have to use the coupon code 112fb at checkout to receive this amazing deal! These first two free bottles are backed by the ClubW 100% guarantee. Naturally, the subsequent bottles you purchase are backed by the same high quality guarantee.

Best Monthly Wine Club Offers From ClubWClub W is a global winery. Their goal is to produce ridiculously delicious wine at fantastic prices that are reasonable for just about everyone. Club W builds direct relationships with local vineyards and farmers throughout the world to discover exceptional small lot wines which sell at reasonable prices which would be impossible for you to find at retail venues. Then, they match these choices up to your palate and flavor profiles. Based on your preferences, ClubW deliver these compatible wines directly to your doorstep every time you opt to purchase that month’s wine selection.

Some of the wines on offer this month include the following: 2013 Kin + Country Valdiguié2010 Redux Cabernet Sauvignon, and 2013 One From the Quiver Malbec. All three of these options cost just $13 per bottle!

By cutting out costly brokers, middle-men, and markups, ClubW can offer quality wines from around the would that cost up to twice as much as a retail store prices.

Best of all, you can feel morally good about choosing ClubW as your wine provider. They remain dedicated and vigilant to giving back to the environment. In order to produce these delicious wines, the ClubW suppliers maintain an intimate relationship with nature. ClubW makes every possible effort to operate in a way that minimizes our impact on the environment.

By transporting wine in environmentally safe, reusable totes to a centralized bottling and distribution facilities, ClubW avoids the significant carbon impact of added (and wasted) weight and space from transporting finished wine in bottles. Also, the wine is bottled using a ‘just-in-time’ inventory strategy; that means the wine travels in bottle for the ‘final mile’ only, directly from the distribution center to your doorstep. At all other times, ClubW transports the wine in light weight containers. ClubW carefully calculates the time period when bottling will affect the taste and works around these limitations.

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