Flower Wall Art for DIY Passover Decorations

Flower Wall Art for DIY Passover Decorations

Passover is a special holiday. Not only does it hold serious religious weight but it is also a time to celebrate rebirth and rejuvenation. And it’s not a coincidence that this coincides with the spring season! If you’re thinking of making DIY Passover decorations try making paper flower wall art. Flower wall art not only brightens up your home but they are easy and cheap to make! Plus, since they’re paper flowers you won’t have to worry about watering or having them wilt and die! This year make your DIY Passover decorations pop with your paper flower wall art!

Flower Wall ArtPaper flowers for DIY Passover Decorations:

Scalloped paper punch (3″ and/or 2″)

Laser printer paper in pastel shades

Paper fasteners OR needle and thread OR thin wire


Thick needle OR something sharp


1) Punch out your scalloped circles and place in stacks of 12

2) For round flowers use scalloped circles all in one size. For a more defined center use smaller scalloped circles for the center

3) Make a hole in the center of the stack with your needle or sharp object. Insert your paper fastener to secure stack

4) Starting with the top layer, crumple paper up to hide the paper fastener. Continue crumpling layers to resemble a flower. The last layer or two should be crumpled slightly so that the flower can sit on a flat surface

5) Wet the edges of the paper with damp sponge to give flower softer look. Try to fray the edges of the paper SLIGHTLY to give an aged look. You now have your paper flowers!

Paper Flower Wall Art for Passover:

Paper flowers

An old and worn frame

Hot glue

Ribbon, preferably wide 


1) Arrange the flowers how you like them. Make it with 2 or 3 different colors, or make it a color explosion! The arrangement is completely up to you!

2) Attach your paper flowers with hot glue. Hang where your guests will be sure to see them!

Now you have a great decoration for both Passover and spring that you can use again next year!

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