Yeppers….I really did it! Today I went Dumpster Diving for Coupons! Now, I’m sure some of you just cannot imagine the thought, but let me tell you, I had a blast and the excitement of what I was able to snag today will bring me HUGE scores at the stores tomorrow, so go ahead…call me crazy!

It wasn’t a typical “Dumpster Dive” per say….but I did map out a plan the minute I got my own mail today. I received the $10 off $10 Coupon for JCPenney and also a “SmartMarket” Coupon Insert that featured a $1.00 off any 1 Purex Laundry Detergent and a $1.00 off any 1 Soft Scrub Product.

The $10 off $10 at JCPenney Coupons are a no brainer-all you pay is sales tax for an item $10 or less.

The $1.00 off Purex Laundry Detergent is a rare coupon and this detergent goes on sale often. This week at Rite Aid it is on BOGO FREE Sale for $5.99. 2 of the Coupons in this mailer will make that 2 Purex Laundry Detergents for just $3.99 ($1.99 each). Combine those with any Transaction Coupons such as the $3 off $15 Survey or the Video Values $1 off Transaction Coupons and I’m at my rock bottom stockpile price when split into separate transactions.

So, I knew needed more! And knowing how most people throw out what they consider “junk mail”, I knew that the trash cans at the post office would be overflowing with free money for me *SMILES*

There is also nothing but “junk mail” in these trash cans, but I gloved up anyways.

So here’s my score….

Total of (11) eleven of the $10 off $10 Coupons for JCPenney = that’s $110 FREE Items for me, I’ll just pay sales tax.

Total of (45) Forty Five Coupon Inserts with the $1 off Purex and $1 off Soft Scrub Coupons.

Yippeeee!!! I can’t wait to hit the stores tomorrow!

So, have you or would you ever consider “Dumpster Diving” for High Value or Rare Coupons ?

Please share with a comment below! Inquiring minds want to know!


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  2. i am dying to find a good spot to go dumpster diving. I want to know what all the hype is about but i cant find anywhere…i live in san antonio,tx….anybody know of some good spots???

  3. I went with a few couponing buddies. Our area has recycling bins for all the various items. I just climbed right into the paper one and started sorting. I got well over $1,500 in coupons – including some cool “no expiration date” Qs from the mid ’80s. I think some little old lady had been saving those for years and her kids must have thrown them out or something. None of my stores accept Qs without expiry dates, and most of the products don’t exist anymore, but I was so amused I put them in my binder anyway. 15 cents of V8 from 1984 makes me laugh every time I flip past it.

    My advice for those who are going to try this: Bring a stepstool to get into the dumpster and a cloth bag to put your finds in. I’ll be back in my local dumpster on Tuesday!

  4. where are different locations that one can go dumpster diving? i would love to know and my husband is eager to help. lol

  5. @Amanda- If you’re ever unsure about diving into someone’s discarded mail/inserts, just ask 🙂 It’s more polite, and it saves you from trying to come up with an excuse for why you’re going through discarded mail.

    @Tammy- I’m pretty sure they’d see through the “I lost my check” story…seeing as you’d likely be walking out of there with inserts and other items, which look nothing like checks LOL 🙂

    Our post office has two large trashcans beside the areas for sorting mail. I’ve grabbed coupons, inserts, fliers and/or ads if I found something I needed but I’ve always checked with the employees before I just took off with that stuff. You never know who might be having a bad day and decide to take it out on you by making you into an example. Always be careful- it’s never worth getting into trouble over, especially now that there are SO many people into couponing now 🙂 Good luck everyone!!

  6. Jennifer says

    I used to go dumpster diving a lot. I never thought to go to the P.O. I just used my $10/$10 for Jc Penney. Wish I had thought to go to the po and look for more!

    When I would dumpster dive, I went everyday for two weeks to see what the best day was. I found one school that had three bins, well one of them always had that weeks left over papers. So after finding out which day was the best day then I only went to that one that one day. I really didn’t need more then 20-25 papers a week so it worked out perfect! So you just need to feel it out at your own place and see which day will net you the best coupons! I tend to prefer going when they are more full so I can just reach in and grab what I want rather than going in them!

  7. When is the best day to go dumpter diving?

  8. I love that you went dumpster diving! If I can find somewhere to, I would in a heart beat!

  9. and 76 P&G

  10. I picked up 76 Smart Source and 76 Red Plum last week alone from ONE dumpster….My husband jumps in and I tell him which way to dive LOL….No last week we got lucky because it looks like someone quit their newspaper delivery job ….they threw away 76 newspapers still in the sections, bundled and complete….hoping we can find that this week….but ya we go EVERY WEEK on Tuesdays

  11. I’m in San Diego, and keep looking for the big newspaper recycling bins in grocery store parking lots. I have yet to see one. I’m originally from Oregon and they were everywhere. Maybe the post office isn’t such a bad idea! lol

  12. Kari- they only mail the $10 off ANY purchase which = $10 off $10 , once or twice per year.


  13. where are the best places to dumpster dive or find unwanted newspaper inserts ?

  14. I have only gotten 2 coupons for $10 off a $25 purchase… I could really use one of those $10 ones, where did you find that at?

  15. Angela Barrett says

    Our townhouse community has a community mail room on the 1st floor and there is 1 trash can for “Paper only”. On sale paper days that thing is over-flowing!! I rarely ever see other people when I check the mail but have no shame “diving” in that trash can when good coupons come in the mail. Last time Jcpenney sent the $10 off $10 I ended up with 25 of those boogers! I didn’t get them this week in the mail though but maybe Tampa is behind? Last week there was a coupon for “Free $10 gift card when you spend $50” (before coupons!!) at Publix and I scored 27 of them. Since there is no way I could use all those in the 2 weeks before they expire, I shared them with my mommy mall walking ladies! I ended up with $50 in publix gifts cards for future purchases and spent WAY less using my normal amount of coupons 🙂 My husband thinks it is hilarious to see his 8mth prego wife elbow deep in a trash can but He has even gotten into it by bringing me coupons from his business office trash can (he is the boss) when he sees them.

  16. I went last night so, I robbed the recycling bin. Even my husband said that.

  17. So, were you discreet (you said you gloved up) did anyone say anything too you? I’m trying to think of a cover story like “Oh, I think I lost a check in here when I was throwing away my mail.” I’m afraid that someone would try and stop me… Any advice would be appreciated…

  18. Amanda, I’m sure in some places/locations/private property,etc. there are laws.
    The “dumpsters” I mentioned in this post, are nothing more than round trash cans placed in a publicly accessible area in my post office. They are located beside each table where people can sort their mail and throw away “junk mail” .

    I personally think it’s like the police getting someones DNA off a cup they threw in the trash in a public area LOL 😀 But that’s just my .02cent and I probably watch way too much CSI and Law & Order ! hehe

    To clarify, I don’t claim to know the laws or recommend any type of action to anyone, I’m just sharing my own personal experiences here on my blog 😀


  19. so its OK to go into other ppl/business’s dumpsters? its not illegal or anything? when is the best time to find the best inserts? monday or tuesday diving for sundays papers? or what?

  20. Dontcha just love a good SCORE!!!!!

  21. Amanda Almache says

    I am going to try this. My mother mentioned that I could check the trash next to the mailboxes at my brothers condo. The post office sounds kinda scary but I am willing to try it!! I will keep it in mind. Thanks for the encouragement and I enjoyed reading everyones experiences.

  22. >I actually stumbled into diving…I went to recycle our newspapers the other day and there were tons of inserts on top!! I grabbed as many I I could reach! They were awesome!My MIL and I share coupons! I also got a TON of box tops for school! Thinking this could be a weekly trip! 🙂 I <3 COUPONING!

  23. >I really don't have anywhere to go to do it, but I would if there was a place nearby.

  24. >OMG, that is awesome. I wonder if I can get my sisters to help me. I too would be a chicken to go by myself. That's legal right?Wow, good for you. Hope you enjoy the free clothes at Penny's. Way to go.

  25. >awh, I'd love to have gotten a JC Penny's coupon. What insert was it in. I'd go dumpster diving for high value coupons; however, the post office in my town has a lock on the trash can. 🙁 Which is good for identity theafs but bad for couponers.

  26. >I'm in an apartment complex and people are always throwing away their "junk mail" in the trashcans that they provide in the mail area. Therefore we are always on the look out for coupons that we need and can use. The one that we love is when Kohl's sends out their coupons for % off, and the $10 off $10 purchase. When the latter coupon is around, we often can find anywhere from 20-30 of those in the trashcans. I think this past summer, we outfitted my two daughters and myself for the school year for less than $40 (there were a pair of shoes and two pairs of jeans that made it so high).We haven't gone for the big dumpsters yet. But I'm sure we'll look at it this summer. Thanks for the encouragement.

  27. >At the post office – there are trash cans beside each area where people sort their mail and throw away what they don't want 😀 Wendy

  28. >What a great idea to do that at the post office. Never thought of that before. Yes, I would do it, but I'd want someone to go with me, I'm a weanie!! You're making me want to go to the post office tonight. Too bad it is storming with a chance of tornadoes!! At least I got my one JCP coupon!

  29. >where did you do this dumpster diving?

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