Ebates Review: Save Sweet Dough While you Shop!

Ebates Review: Save Sweet Dough While you Shop!

Have you ever heard of Ebates? It is a great website that gives you cashback on your purchases. Today, we are giving you an Ebates review so you know what is all about!  Contrary to what many people think, Ebates is NOT a scam. We admit, it does seem like it is too good to be a real thing! That being said, it is a legitimate moneyback website.

Ebates ReviewAre you wondering “how does Ebates work?” We are about to tell you! Ebates.com has affiliations with many online stores. This means, if you shop on one of their affiliate websites, the site you are shopping on gets a profit, the company gets a small profit, and you get a small profit too! They have affiliations with approximately 1,800 online stores! They have affiliations with large chain stores such as Target, Wal Mart, Best Buy, and many more! They even have an Ebates Amazon affiliation! Every 2% of your purchase from any affiliate goes to this website. From there, they give you half, so you get about 1% cash back. That may not sound like much, but purchases without this affiliation give you no money back at all. So, it really is a win win for you and Ebates.com! If you sign up for an Ebates account and make big purchases from their affiliates, you can get a decent amount of cash back in your wallet. Please note, if you return the item you purchased from an affiliate, you will not get cash back. In addition to getting cash back, you also gain access to coupons and discounts through your account. There are 4 days throughout each year (quarterly) when you will receive your cash back. You can receive it through a PayPal account or through a check.

Overall, a membership really is a win-win for all parties involved. What are you waiting for?? Give it a try and sign up today!

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