Entertaining On A Budget: The Summer Edition!

Entertaining On A Budget: The Summer Edition!

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Entertaining On A Budget: The Summer Edition!

Though it may be hard to believe, August will soon be here. Before we know it, summer will be coming to an end and it will be time to start a new school year and get ready for autumn. Let’s savor the final month of summer as much as possible! There is no better time to have a fun summer party or gathering. Today, we are giving you some helpful tips and tricks for entertaining on a budget during the summer.

Purchase your party supplies at a low cost! Buy cute decor and tableware from stores such as Dollar Tree. You will find a good selection at an unbeatable price.

Consider hosting a summer potluck. Let everyone bring a dish to share that way you do not have to cover the full cost of the meal and party supplies. Plus, it gives everyone an opportunity to try new dishes and swap recipes!

Don’t spend too much time worrying about activities to keep the kids busy. Sit out some fun summer toys and let them entertain themselves. Bubbles, Twister, beach balls, squirt guns, and a sprinkler are all simple and easy ways to keep young children entertained while the adults socialize and relax!

Recycle decor for a festive atmosphere. Do you have solid colored Christmas lights sitting around? String them out on your patio or deck for some fun, festive summer decor!

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