Financial Freebies

Financial Freebies

Today I ran across a great article on the that I wanted to share with all of our frugal followers. The article called “7 financial freebies that really are free” made a great point that the start of the New Year was a great time to get your finances in line, too. Especially with tax season coming, it certainly wouldn’t be a waste of time to start looking at your finances and getting your tax documents together. Then when you get your refund, do something really smart with that cash!

Here’s a short rundown of some financial freebies that the AJC shared (please take a look at the original story for more detailed information):

1. Help with personal finances from and even Bank of America help with spending, budgeting and tracking your money; all for free.

2. Tax filing software from TurboTax and among others truly are free, as well.

3. Retirement funds: Don’t ever pass up a chance to sign up for 401K’s match!

4. Investment fund commissions from Fidelty,  Vanguard  and TD Ameritrade

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