Use our Frugal Grocery List to Save Money Without Grocery Coupons

Use our Frugal Grocery List to Save Money Without Grocery Coupons

We all love saving money at the grocery store along with the next person. I love the feeling of seriously reducing my final cost at the register using manufacturer coupons. But, there are other ways to get similar results. Did you know that you can use our frugal grocery list to save money without grocery coupons? There are many wonderful techniques to save money on groceries without using coupons.

Here are some great ideas on how to save  money on your grocery bill without resorting to coupons:

Use our Frugal Grocery List to Save Money Without Grocery Coupons1. Always cook: You can cook your own food cheaper than you can pay someone for it. Premade meals at the grocery store oftentimes cost two or three times as much compared to if you made the food yourself. And, restaurants are even more expensive. Cooking always produces more (and better quality) food for less money. Save the rest of the food as leftovers.

2. Always keep a grocery list on hand: Each time you need to pick up something at the grocery store, add the item to your grocery list. This saves money and keeps you from buying unnecessary items.

3. Buy in bulk when you can: The cost of certain items do go down when you buy in bulk at your closest discount store such as BJ’s.

4. Recycle your leftovers: Try to always reuse your leftover cooking. Don’t forget to cook your meals in ways (and portion sizes) that will produce leftovers for the next night or two. If done correctly, leftovers save you serious money!

5. Avoid impulse buying at the grocery store: This rule could save you some serious cash. Remember to maintain a well organized grocery list. Also, don’t go to the grocery store hungry. If you do so, you will surely end up spending more money.

6. Use your calculator: When purchasing sale items or bulk items, a handy calculator will help you determine whether or not you are getting the best deal. This is a no-brainer nowadays, since most people own a smartphone with a calculator app.

7.  Prepare your own food: Never purchase vegetables or meat that is pre-sliced. You will spend more money on the prearranged food. This idea includes staying away from frozen veggie medleys or fruit salads. Simply purchase the ingredients yourself (which should be relatively affordable), and cut everything up when you have the time to do so.

8.  Don’t buy bottled water: We all know that bottled water is expensive. It is also potentially dangerous for the environment. If you do buy bottled water, make sure you recycle those old bottles. Your local water department has to maintain a clean water system in accordance with federal regulations. In some cases, your city or county tap water is safer to drink than bottled water from a rural spring. In other cases, the bottled water may be simple filtered tap water. Don’t pay someone else to filter the water for you; do it yourself!

9. Make sure you use your grocery store’s loyalty card: At each grocery store that you frequent, make sure you use the store loyalty card. The cards are almost always free to sign up for. They add additional grocery and gas savings as well.

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